Monday, November 8, 2010

Paying it forward

I use this term everso lightly. Pay it forward= when someone does you a good deed, you then reciprocate. Basically. I don't think we need someone to do something for us to then in turn, make us do something, but that is fodder for another post.

My third born and I had an opportunity to serve a local family. My daughter Rachel is amazing. We show up and she jumped in, and started helping. She painted next to me, in their kitchen, we dabbed our brushes in to the same paint pan, she helped organize cupboards with food donations and then she ended up helping hold the paint container for me while I was on the ladder. She managed to get way more paint in her hair than I did though!!

What makes this precious to my Mommy's heart is that Rachel served and I'm proud of her. More importantly, she served because she knows what it is like to have her mom sick with cancer and treatments and radiation and have others show up to help.
This family's mom has lung cancer and they have 8 children...

We both left tired but glad to have been able to be there and contribute something..

God has given me 4 children and I love seeing how they are able to turn their faith in Jesus Christ into different ways to serve God. Each of them is different with beautiful gifts.
Rachel is my strong, shy, quiet girl but she has much to say when she does speak. She works SO hard outside--yesterday we hauled 4.5 cords of wood and each trip back, she'd stay and stack what we dumped out of the truck--every stick of it, and it looks incredible!!..she has been such a huge help to me this fall with all the leaves to rake..

She also has a beautiful singing voice. I am blessed with these tiny snippets of her singing when she doesn't know I hear her--and it's quite lovely..

One of my favorite times of the day is when we start school. I have been choosing a song from the hymnal and we sing together. I love to hear my children sing--it sets the tone for the rest of the morning too.

I hear Rachel's voice, strong and steady, blending with my old croaky voice and Teresa's tender tones and it blesses my heart in ways I find hard to put into words..

I love you Rachel Sue--you are one of God's precious gifts to my heart and life! I'm so proud of you for serving that family. I'm so proud that you are my daughter!

Check out Rachel's blog--yes, I have another daughter who writes/blogs/facebooks!!

It is

Good night from one very blessed and grateful mom..

I love You too Lord,

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