Saturday, November 6, 2010

Tips 6, 7, 8.9 and 10!

What helped me in my journey with breast cancer...continued..

Tip # 6) I let people help me. The idea is not to rob them of being a blessing to me and my family. I decided not to let pride have it's ugly way. Sure, people may not do things the way I do, but let them try--it is their gift of love!

Tip #7) Get exercise--anything is better than sitting and holding down the couch..I had some pretty rough days and obviously, couldn't walk and throw up simultaneously, but that's not what I 'm talking about. Even when I felt yucky and wasn't throwing up, I would walk just a little ways. It did help me feel better physically and emotionally. Stats say after your treatment, that exercise 4-5 times a week for 30 minutes is incredibly good at staving off a recurrence. So get out there and walk!! It's easy and you will feel better.

Tip#8) Consider what I have heard called a "new normal." Life will be different. It's alright..I was tired, worn out and exhausted after all the junk my body went through. That's ok. I got very, very frustrated by trying to accomplish what I did before cancer. 3 years later, I am way stronger but still have some limitations. "New normal" is now a familiar term in my home.

Tip#9) I decided to stop comparing my story to other women's stories. Some ladies have ran marathons, rode their bikes all over tarnation and written books--like right after they were done with their treatments!!!!! That may be you--but it sure was not me! And you know what? I am ok with that. We are all different and our bodies respond differently. I shot my first ever buck when I was bald, still getting chemotherapy!!! My FIRST ever buck!!! Pretty cool huh? See how different we are??

Tip#10) Music--especially praise music and hymns, helped me through chemo, rough nights and sad days. I remember all the songs I listened to during chemo sessions and they remain precious to my heart, even now.
My favorite hymn? Be Still my Soul...
One of my favorite praise songs? O How He Loves Us by D. Crowder

God loves you whether you are fighting cancer, someone you love is,
or you are simply reading this blog..
You are loved with an everlasting love dear reader and underneath you are the Everlasting Arms.

He is faithful,

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