Friday, November 5, 2010

Top 5

I wanted to share what has helped me the most, personally, through cancer and beyond.
I know it's November and no longer Breast Cancer Awareness Month, yet there are still pink bags of potato chips on the shelves at Meijer. And pink ribbons on eggs. Sigh.......

The Top 5 for me

#1) Hands down, my faith in God and a relationship with Jesus Christ. I don't just believe in God, I believe God. I believe His Word, the Bible. I believe He is my very present help in trouble. I believe He loves me. Where would I be without Him???

#2) My husband and my family. They encouraged me, loved me, prayed with me and made me laugh. My brother was an enormous encouragement to me. Amy and the boys too. My Mom is the best prayer warrior ever. She never gave up. I had so many loved ones sending me cards, gifts and telling me to fight. I was overwhelmed with their love and their prayers.

#3) Prayer. There are things I prayed that were only meant for Jesus' ears.. Intimate, precious prayers, laden with sobs and tears..only Jesus knows what my mouth uttered. I prayed too with my children, my husband and with others. They prayed for me over and over again.. I prayed when I felt lousy and prayed when I felt better. Prayer was my lifeline. It still is.

#4) Journaling. I love to write. When you pen your darkest moments and your sweetest victories, it give credence to God's invisible, yet faithful hand, in your life. It gave me an outlet.

#5) Talking with people who breathed life into me, letting other "advice" go.
It's weird how when you have a disease that can kill you, people seem to want to tell you about someone they knew---notice the tense of that word--that means they died..this is not helpful, and it bred fear in my mind. I tried to be gracious because I know I have done the same if that happens to you, let it go! People feel so uncomfortable and say the dumbest things..thus the advice, cling to those who are life breathers into your soul. Let the rest go.

More to come..I need to get to bed...

God loves you reader. There is nothing you've done or said that He cannot forgive. There is no place you can hide from Him. He desires to have a relationship with you. He wants you to know Him, not just know about Him..

He is faithful to me,

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