Saturday, February 5, 2011

At long last!

See what God provided for Nathan? A subaru legacy, all wheel drive, 119,00 miles, but it was a GIFT from someone in our church family!! Nathan is going to Juarez Mexico in March and all the funds for that came in too. He just got his passport this week and is rearin to go build houses !!
Rachel and Teresa built this happy, happy snow guy today. Isn't he awesome?
We like the movie Despicable Me a lot--it makes us laugh!! This minion is due east of the happy snowman.
Thursday, we received a letter from Finlandia, the college in the U.P. that has the physical therapy assistant program Hannah has been looking at..It starts with "CONGRATULATIONS"
She's been accepted!!! I did not realize how Hannah had been battling worry and stress concerning it, until I read her latest blog post. I am very, very thankful for a daughter who runs to You Lord and finds You to be the remedy for anxiety and stewing..
For those of you who might ask, "Where is Finlandia?" Go to the U.P. of Michigan, go west of Marquette and up into the Keweenaw peninsula to the towns Houghton/Hancock. The two towns are separated by a river. Michigan Tech is in Houghton, and Finlandia is across the river in Hancock. Houghton is definitely a college feel town and Hancock reminds me of St. Johns Newfoundland--tough, weather worn and friendly. This year Hancock has received 120" of snow. Good thing Hannah likes the white stuff!! I'm so proud of you sweetheart!!
I have found some treasures in my phone recently in the form of pics he sent and birthday songs my brother sang to Hannah and mom...boy did the tears come..I cannot remember my Dad's voice any longer but modern technology has made it possible to listen to Steve's goofy, yet loving birthday songs..what a find this week! The handwriting on the bag is his(from a Relay for Life in 2008). What an encouraging brother God gave me..thank You Lord. I love you Steve--you WERE stronger because you believed on Jesus Christ. He conquered sin and death so you could live forever with Him.
"The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the works of His hands." Psalm 19:1

A gorgeous sunset right outside our window..

Mom is wearing a halter monitor for 30 days due to heart palpitations. Please pray for her to have God's peace and they will find out why they are happening.

I have been very, very sick this past week with what I am thinking might be the flu or pneumonia ...I am going to urgent care tomorrow. Please pray the Dr will be able to RX an antibiotic I can take without reacting to it... Tim took the kids to homeschool group yesterday --I slept!!

Pray for my friend B, who just had the cyber knife surgery. She blesses me with her love for God and others, despite the cancer that threatens her life.

Pray too for a little guy A, who is fighting leukemia at the tender age of 4..he is so brave! Pray the chemo will not be too severe on his body. Pray God will provide his parents a reliable vehicle to travel back and forth to Grand Rapids with.

Thank You Lord for Your many, lavish blessings..You are the love of my life..


GO GREEN BAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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