Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is from my journal, way back last October. I have several dear, sweet, God loving friends who are suffering with cancer right now. This post is for you:

FIGHT is a word that takes on a different hue when you have cancer. FIGHT describes an attitude that is resolute; willing to endure chemotherapy(poison), IV's(pokes), surgeries, (port installation(sounds like a computer huh?), mastectomies, drain tubes, reconstructions, infections, baldness, vomiting, weakness, sickness, trips to ER, and lots of tears. FIGHT is an aggressive mindset although your body is weakened and subdued. FIGHT looks at a day with chemo looming and sees joy in the little things; your children's faces, a friend's letter, or a pot of homemade soup brought over by a friend. FIGHT holds your husband while he weeps when he finds out the surgeon did not get all the cancer and wants to go back in and "clean up the margins." FIGHT and FAITH go together because the FIGHT does not come from me, it comes from my faith in God and a relationship with Jesus Christ.
FIGHT comes from God, not from Bonnie. It is HIS power I relied on. It is His peace I crave when I'm so scared I cannot sleep. Strength comes from Him as I ask for it. Joy goes with me into the infusion center because I know God is with me, while I sit and "get chemo."

Dear reader remember this:
God FIGHTS for you-He will sustain you. But your attitude needs to be one tinged with faith in God and FIGHT to live every day He blesses you with.

He is faithful,

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