Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sun and shield

This morning, my oldest daughter had her 4 wisdom teeth "removed" but is recovering well...this goofy tooth in the pic is what she held this morning when they put in her iv. The rose is from her Daddy, for Valentine's Day. The Bible is a new one Tim just ordered this week, to use as a concordance and for reference.
A funny thing has been happening around here for the last week or so. I get a magazine that has great recipes in it and have been getting it every single month for the last two years or so. My mom n love got a gift subscription for me! Most of the time, I do not read it fully, but give it a cursory glance and off it goes to the magazine bin. Sorry Mom!
Anyhow, I picked up the last one to read while I was recovering from the horribulus flu likeus virus. I have made 5 recipes from this magazine! I hear, "WOW Mom, that was AWESOME!"
"Hey Mom, can you read this magazine MORE OFTEN??"

This pic is the result of Nathan making one of the chicken dishes the other night for dinner. That young man can cook I tell ya!! It was SO YUMMY!!! He had to run off to worship practice but we saved him a smallish bowl of it...

Tonight was "just" chicken in a 13x9 pan, no spice, no nothin', with baked potatoes and steamed veggies. Response?
"Hey Mom was this from the magazine too???"
Nope. Just my head.
Hannah "ate" gatorade and ice cream. Her face is puffy but her attitude is great. Please pray this will help lessen her headaches she's been having since December. Thanks..

"The LORD God is a sun and shield, the LORD gives grace and glory;
no good thing does He withhold from those who walk uprightly."
Psalm 84:11

I have begun to realize that the "good thing" in this verse is not stuff. It is not a newer car with no rusting out of the panels. It is not new running shoes.(which I really need I might add) This good thing is not having my mortgage paid--now. And it is not a fancy coffee machine on my counter either.
If I'm not careful, I tend to equate God to be some sort of celestial vending machine; if I walk uprightly, then God will give me "good things."
I was walking uprightly when I was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. I had recently surrendered my life to God and I meant it. I even wrote it in my journal. So if I follow the God as a vending machine theology, shouldn't I have NOT gotten cancer because that is definitely NOT a good thing?
See what I mean?

In this awful trial I found many "good things." I realized I had a very supportive, loving, sacrificing family. I got to see my husband rise up and love me like he never has before. I had people pray for me and with me. I experienced God through all those moments in ways I never would have, if I hadn't been diagnosed with breast cancer.
I did get lots of things, good things, letters, gifts, books, home cooked meals, shirts, scarves---I could go on and on!

But the BEST good thing I received was God Himself.

So I believe, through the power of the Holy Spirit, that is what this verse is referring to.
God is my sun and shield. He is my light in the darkness of life, when I am scared out of my mind, He is my shield and protector from evil and fear.
He gives grace in hard situations and glory to Himself..
When I walk uprightly and strive to please Him in all aspects of my life, I have eyes to see and a heart to understand and receive what those good things are; but mostly they are God Himself.

He is faithful,

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