Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Converse Cowboy and bike rides

My cowboy wanted converse all stars for Father's Day. They look good with my new color, "The One That Got Away" by OPI. Dear girlfriends got me my first ever pedicure. Wow was that fun! And I got new flip flops as a gift, just to show those toes off!
We made it!!! Last Saturday, our entire family rode in the 9th Pink Ribbon Bike Ride in Boyne City!
Memories were made, muscles were taxed and money raised--all for women in this area to utilize for the financial needs having breast cancer creates.
Hannah and I did the 20 mile course. This girl is FAST! She sped up all the hills. I caught her on the down side because my bike has better bearings than hers!
My precious momma and her backyard grandkids...
My cowboy with his converse! See!! I am blessed beyond measure Lord..thank You..

The love of my provide more than money and a place to give me love, unconditionally. You sacrifice your time and resources for me. YOur arms hold me in the tempest of tears and whys..God has grown you darling. I can see it. One of the many things I love about you is that you are who you are at home, at church, on the phone, in your shop.
You are the genuine article--and I am grateful God has chosen you for me...for our children..
You are the best Dad for them ever..

I love you,

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