Friday, July 15, 2011

In the bag

I almost hit her--some lady, crossing the street this seems her and I were on different planets. My planet had brakes thank goodness! I felt anger rising up in my throat and then my eyeballs saw it--Teresa's T shirt bag from a local salon! This lady was holding it in her hands!!!
My daughter was asked to design a tshirt for a fund raising event called "Beautiful Survivor." This local salon has donated their talent and resources to give as many women possible "make overs" after chemo, when their hair is long enough to do something to. I got one 3 years ago--I felt like a queen when I left!! The lady who owns the salon is a breast cancer survivor too..
This whole deal is a phenomenal program!

The exciting part of this story is that inside every bag, is a slip of paper with MY DAUGHTER'S story..

Here is what it says:
"My name is Teresa Zowada. Four years ago when I was 7, my mom was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. Because I was younger, I really didn't understand that my mom was so sick. I do know that it was Jesus, friends, family and prayers that got us through it.
I did the ribbon balloons different colors because there's not just pink (for breast cancer) ther are so many other different colors that represent other cancers, and tons of people going through really hard times.

It's awesome that people are raising money for cancer patients!"

The night they had their fund raiser, Teresa got a free shirt. She was introduced to the crowd by the sweet woman who owns the salon. I held the sobs in my throat..
oh cancer truly does hit every, single person in the entire family doesn't it?
Now at first, Teresa was embarrassed, because she had this detailed, amazing picture she first submitted...but it was too complex for a tshirt. She submitted her second design, with the balloons, which were individually differing colors to represent different cancers. Then the balloons were changed by the color of the shirt itself--and when I looked in the salon's window today, after I passed by the lady with the bag, my eyes took in all those shirts--- beautiful lavender, blue, lime green and of course, pink..
Jesus. That name that is above every name...
The woman today, held that name, in her little brown bag..
My daughter had written her little story and highlighted the name of Jesus..
When it got printed out, it was in bold type..

I needed that this morning..
My day was "going poorly" until I saw the little brown bag.
Until I breathed the name JESUS.
My attitude softened.
My heart crumpled in humility before Him...

Jesus knows my heart like no Other.

Thank You Lord for reminding me this morning, that Your name is

You are faithful,

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