Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pink Ribbon Bike Ride time..

Three years ago. We did 42 miles together then. Wow whee!

I love riding my fancy Bleriot bike (Rivendell from CA), even if it is just around here. I marvel when I see green everywhere. I enjoy feeling the wind and sun on my skin. This morning it was nippy, 58 degrees, so I bundled up and began cycling and praying..

After I put on the armor of God, straight from Ephesians 6, I began going through my list..I pray aloud, BY NAME for my family here and downstate--- today I asked God to bless them as they prepare for big things and celebrate special times.

I am finding out, gently, that praying isn't so much about getting what's on my list as it is
spending time with my Lord, talking to Him.

I am realizing too, that when I ask Him for something so tender to my heart, that I can trust Him. I can. I do.
If I place my trust in the person or the circumstance, disappointment will ensue, or crash down, depending on my interpretation or my estrogenic moods..

Why is it as people, we are so prone to make even prayer to God, about US?

Prayer is about connecting with God, learning more of Who He is and what He can do. Prayer is hard, tearful, joyful work.

It is.
This chilly morning, I pedal my snazzy bike past fields, too close cars, barking, tied up dogs and heady lilac scents. 13.5 miles later, I am ready for my day..I get to go to my 6 month oncology appointment this afternoon. I needed to pray because going back in is hard. I like seeing everyone but it hurts my heart all at the same time. The smells send me back to my chemo chair. The sights take me back to my own bald head and my brother's bald head and my dad's bald head. I know Jesus will be with me--and Tim.

I am getting ready for the Pink Ribbon Bike Ride to be held at Boyne City, next weekend.
To learn about it, go to

I plan on riding 7 miles with my "youngers" and then 20 with my "olders."
If you want to give, send me a check, made out to Bike4BreastCancer
and you will be assisting local women get the help they desperately need.
Cancer diagnosis is a life changing event. Trust me, I've been on the receiving end of financial
"assistance" and takes a tremendous burden off.
Give if you can.
I know gas is high and groceries are too.
But knowing your dollars went to a woman needing help---isn't it awesome???

Biking and prayin'

Make check out to Bike4BreastCancer
Send to Bonnie Zowada
4509 E. Bear River Rd.
Boyne Falls, MI 49713

or if you give online, make sure you mention my name, so I get the dollars added to my support.

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