Thursday, July 28, 2011

The River

Holy Water. Fly fisherman dubbed this section of the Ausable river "holy water" because of it's fish--brook, brown and rainbow trout and I'm guessing because of the river; many places on the river hold those prized fish--snags, riffles, eddies and bubble lines--and it's addictive to try to figure out what fly to tie on your tippet, to mimic the trout's current diet...the place is gorgeous, the water about 62 degrees, birds dance above you ingesting insects hatching off the river and the sun bathes your shoulders in comforting warmth...
From Sunday night to Tuesday afternoon, I was able to experience all this..Holy Water for me became holy because of the presence of God. I am not being all weird and mystical here but I could truly sense God's calming, powerful, healing presence as I waded-- casting after those elusive fish..
No I did not "catch" one. I did gain more of God's peace and joy, which is better than any fish I'd have to throw back . This section of the river is strictly catch and release--they even squish down the barb on the hook so the fish isn't hurt. I'm not sure how I feel about that. I grew up eating what I caught...

For me, it was not about landing a trout. That would have been the proverbial icing on the cake.

But I was surrounded by creation, God's creation. I felt the strength of the current in between my legs. I touched the water to cool off. I gained such a confidence in my casting and I even learned how to tie on a fly, so when I'm home, I can do it by myself!!!

For me, standing in the water, feeling the wind, watching the line dance on top of the water and observing it all---was holy because God was there with me.

I left refreshed. I felt connected to my Lord more. I talked to Him the entire time I was on the water, in the river...I worshiped Him...I thanked Him for Who He is.
For what He has done.
For what He is going to do.
I prayed for my family--all of my family, every single one of you out there who read this blog and those who don't...I love each of you very, very much. That is not a lie. It is TRUTH!!

For those of you who may be cancer survivors, you really, really need to check this group out!!!
It is called Reeling and Healing. It is a non profit organization with people who love to fish, but love to help women like me, heal. There is something amazing that happens when you step out and try something new and crazy like fly fishing and you do it with women like you who have suffered from cancer...
go to to check it out.
You will be pampered, loved on, served continually, meet women like yourself and learn a new, fun exciting skill--
even more than all that, you will be able to step into the water, feel the current, see God's beauty and begin healing...

Thank You Lord for meeting me on the river...
You are amazing.
Thank You that You are the Ultimate Healer and You use Your creation to bring my heart hope and joy..


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