Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friends...walking the Mighty Mac!!

5 miles with friends went fast. Tim stayed back in the motor home, guarding the hot dogs, nursing a sore foot. We walked, visited, laughed, stared, and enjoyed ourselves tremendously!
We were treated to a double rainbow, with beams of sunlight stretching out like hubs of a wagon wheel--the rainbow was the rim--absolutely amazing!!

I love our friends J and C. They have known us since Tim stood in line, hiring in at Kellogg's years ago. J was next to Tim because his last name was close to Z. They have been fast friends ever since. They have watch our babies grow into big kids for 22 years...

When we moved up here, they came and brought their motor home, packed with goodies, and the day of the bridge walk--- parked downtown to make the end of the walk more fun. Hot dogs at 9:30 am!! YUMMY!!

Babies have grown, strollers are no longer needed. No more piggy back rides to the next light post, saving small legs from wearing out. No more potty stop anxiety moments!! (there are no pottys on the bridge)

I was gently reminded when I started out for this Labor Day bridge walk, how precious this walk has become. It isn't really about the crossing the bridge--it's about accomplishing those 5 miles with people you care about and are grateful to God for.

I am joyously grateful for loyal, funny, scrabble playin', motor home drivin', squeezy cheese bringin', friends!!

Thank You Lord---

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