Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lavish Dump Trucks

Friday Tim and I were blessed with tickets for MSU Spartan basketball in the Breslin Center!!
I couldn't help get off my feet whenever some one slammed one!! Amazing!
Until the game, I had never heard of a jumbotron before. Have you?
Perfect form! What a jump shot! Love it!!
Sparty, the mascot of the Spartans. He made me laugh! We won too!
Next morning was football. MSU played Minnesota. This is State's QB, K. Cousins, and he is a dedicated believer and follower of Jesus Christ. After the game, players from both sides , went to the end zone and knelt in prayer. Pretty powerful scene..Yes, we beat Minnesota!
Tim says we didn't beat them but we won . Their defense was having a difficult time.
Somebody pinch me! Before the game, the players lock arms and walk the entire field. Tradition Doc says. I'm just thankful to be there and see it!
My friends Laura and Mrs. Doc- (Jan) as we were leaving the ritzy Spartan club...boy oh boy did they have food! We ate so well that day...Doc and Jan were the ones who showed me over 30 years ago that Jesus Christ was real. They loved me. Accepted me. And when I blew out my ACL in basketball, took me into their home, so I could finish my education. Jan took me to classes in the winter, me and my entire leg in a cast, in her dodge omni...but we did it. Doc also kind of had this young, handsome cowboy come and sit by me in one of my classes...his name was Tim...and now we are on the cusp of 27 years of marriage..

I love you Doc!

Thank you Lord for bringing this man and his wife and family into my life. My blood may be red but my heart and soul were forever changed by someone who dwells in the land of green and white!!

Thank You Lord for loving me through this special couple...You knew I needed them ..

Thank You for their family---how they loved me like one of their own, put up with me, ate with me, shared their lives with me and love me to this day..

You are amazing God and Your love is lavish--I felt like You backed up a dump truck of blessings this past weekend and piled them up on me!

You are faithful,

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