Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Birthday darlin

50 years.  That's half a century.
I've known you for more than half of that!  I love this picture because it shows us--you and me.
I remember the moments we stomped off, mad.  Hard times.  Prayers. Children "interrupting" us.
Pain. Joy.  Answered prayer. Joey and Bart stories.  Bike rides. Wendy's dollar menu. Giving things away in secret. Makin' steel dust.  Bills paid.  Love lived out  before me, year after precious year.

I will always love you.  Your relatives, your 4 children and friends came and just by their presence-- you knew they cared for you gobs and heaps..  I wanted to give you the gift of friends.  That day, with all those feet and bodies crammed in our home, busting at the seams, I think  you knew.

When times are rough darlin', these are the gems we can bring back out, dust off and cherish.  These days of joy.  The God times.

You are my Psalm 1 man.  I pray you will meditate on His law day and night.
I ask that your  life be like a tree firmly planted by streams of water--
leaves lush and green-
fruit bursting forth in due season--
and "whatever he does, he prospers."

I love you dearly-
Happy 50 years darlin'

  P.S.  I know this is late.  But hey, it's ok.  My sweetheart won't mind.

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