Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Heart = His Tablet: Integrity?

This is a guest blog from my daughter.  My home schooled daughter. The one who some said would like "go crazy" when she hit college because we "sheltered" her too much.  Well, here's the time where I get to say: you were so wrong!!!  To be fair however, it's not just about her being educated at home.  It's about a young woman willing to follow Jesus Christ, be obedient to Him and His teaching, and how she lives it out---300 miles from home!
It's about choices.  Living for Christ. Not your own self.  Not to cave to peer pressure.  It's about hearing that still, small voice and then OBEYING it.  I am grateful beyond words.
To all my younger people reading this:  especially my nieces and nephews, follow Christ. Be a man or woman of integrity.  All. The. Time.

My Heart = His Tablet: Integrity?: What do you do when no one is watching? When you're away from the people that you know will call you out on an unacceptable action, word, or...

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