Saturday, April 7, 2012

O Death where is your victory?

Dearest Brother,
When I look at your face, I do not think of hurts to see your face sometimes..
I miss you still.  I miss your smile. Your encouragement. The joy in your voice as you shared yet another treasure from the Word, you had just read.  You had no idea how that spurred me on did you??
No brother..victory is more joyous from your perspective I think.  
You are with Jesus. There. Standing in Heaven.
I am waiting. Here. Sod bound.

The victory comes as you behold Him, face to face.
The victory for us, those of us still wanting you here, comes as we exercise our faith--the utmost confidence and belief that one day, we will all see not only your face, 
but Christ's.

Hope.  It's all over outside, in your garden.  As I raked today, I thought of you. I prayed for your family.  For God to bless and sustain.  I thanked Him for all the years I knew you and loved you.  I prayed for mom.  

Just like I believe I will see you again, I believe God hears our cries and pleas.  I believe He listens.  My other choices are defeat. Despair.  Depression. 

One day we will be together.  Until then, I will live for Christ.  
My risen Savior.  The One Who conquered sin.  Who gave us life eternal.

He is faithful,

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