Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day

Weird day here. Long bike ride with Hannah. That was good. 20 miles in fact.
My guts still messed up from Honduras,;, lots of pain, discomfort and now I'm home, with hubby while everyone else is in town, getting ready to see fireworks.Ugh.

Still had fun at parade. Always stand and clap for veterans. Got some laughs and tootsie rolls. Saw my daughter's smiles. Son had to work a 12 hour shift but got double time--

Remembering past parades on the fourth. Family and friends . Tye dyed shirts matching. Scrambles for candy tucked into bags for later. Loud sirens scaring little ones, me covering outside ear while babe nurses at my breast. That was a while ago Lord- I remember one year we had blankets on our laps because it was so cold!!

Time changes.
You stay the same.

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