Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stuff that's happened lately

Long saved for vacation. First ever since my diagnosis.
First we thought Grand Canyon.
Such excitement. Then.
Car a/c busted bad. Fixers in shop did not fix.
Disappointment. Cannot venture to west with no air.
Bad idea.
I was literally crying out to God in the driveway.
"O God...please show us what to do!!!"
Gitche Gumee Bible Camp.
A long lost dream. God gave an idea and we headed north to the Keeweenaw --such grandeur!!
Son had to stay behind.
Greater disappointment.
I'm writing in fragments because that is how I feel. Still.
Mom came though and we enjoyed her immensely!
Two weeks out, feeling refreshed we have a
New kitten. Aslan.
Blackberries by gobs. Fresh today.
Missing my brother and his sons by heaps. Remembering as I picked the bounty today..glistening on the vine, like a ripe, luscious fruit, I "picked" them today.
Sweet memories..

You are faithful
Teresa at play place in Kalkaska
We filled a row at Gitchee Gumee!! Guy at end is not related--:)
Acquired this day--our "girl" kitty.  Name's Aslan --not a girl.  :)
Mom and I on porch of our beloved Gitche cabin--Arapaho.
My sweetheart and me..
A kiss is comin'!
Our family at our first ever "family camp."
song we sang for all our meals
such bounty!! wild blackberries!!
My cousin and I!!

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