Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor day fun

Sun rising over Mackinaw Island
My girls and I at the finish line!  Whew!!
Random people whom God loves
My son is such a fun guy!

The first time we walked the bridge it was Pre-Teresa circa 1997.  Just Tim and I and our two friends, who seemed a tad crazy for doing this every, single year on or around their wedding anniversary!  We hit the finish line refreshed and in 1 hour and 20 minutes. A veritable record we thought!

Then came children.  The big ones loved it.   I worried they would get blown off.  Seriously. That was the year I stayed home swollen with child and heard the kids had a "blast" with Jay and Cindy. No one fell off, no one got hurt and they were all accounted for!  In years to follow, I had a purple stroller holding Teresa, some times Rachel. We would hold them for a length of lamp post and then have them walk a length of lamp post..it was fun but work. Our times slowed considerably. But it's not about times, it's about family..

Years clicked by.  I walked bald from chemo one year.  Then cried the next when I thought of my brother...then determined as ever to complete as many bridge walks as God is willing to give me.

This year, I rejoiced.  Tim had to stay back in the motor home due to a broken bone in his foot still healing up..that's two years in a row honey!!  Not in busted up feet did I rejoice, but in God's goodness towards me and towards my family..

I have much to be thankful for ..good friends.  Faithful friends.  Friends who love no matter what or when.  Friends who forgive my long naps and still seem glad to see me..
Family who loves me no matter what.

Thanks God for our 15th Annual Bridge Walk!  Thanks God for family and friends,

You are faithful,

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