Monday, December 17, 2012

He did as the angel commanded..

I usually do not think of the "Christmas Story" and associate the word obedience with it.
I ponder Mary's plight; riding on a donkey, which I don't think is even mentioned in Scripture is it?
Ok, so I ponder her walking miles and miles to Bethlehem with the Son of God in her womb..

As a mom who has brought four children into the world, I also tenderly turn over what it was like for Mary--how her birth went, did she mind the stink in the stable? How did she feel about Joseph being her only midwife? Did she care? Did she cry out with pain like I did?  Why didn't she have a hand knit baby blanket from her mom?  Why the swaddling cloths for my Savior?

Much to think of concerning the Christmas story.  Much. When I wonder about these things, it brings humanity to the Story of Christmas.  It adds punch to the title IMMANUEL because He really was with us, here ---toddling, running, walking, on this sod we call earth.

Reading Matthew this morning, I noticed these words:  "And Joseph arose from his sleep, and did as the angel of the Lord commanded him, and took her as his wife."  Matthew 1:24

Wow.  He got up, from his slumber and did what the angel from God said.  He acted.  He obeyed.
The text did not hint at any arguing. Nor did I see a man run the opposite direction, like Jonah did when faced with a task he did not wish to do.

He simply obeyed.

Granted, Joseph was truly faced with a difficult decision.  His bride to be was with child and he knew it was not his!  I get faced with tough decisions but wow whee--all his plans were "derailed."  Disappointment?  Yes.

 God in His mercy, solved Joseph's immediate problem--he told Joseph to "take her as his wife" so he did not have to go through with "putting her away secretly."

He did what the angel commanded.

Joseph still had a broken dream.  His wife was still carrying another man's child. I wonder if he comprehended IMMANUEL coming-- the long awaited Messiah, through his beloved's womb?

We don't know. I think that's one reason why God gave us imaginations...:)

I admire Joseph's immediate obedience.

Later Joseph's heart of commitment to his wife and new Son, would be proved when the angel comes again, this time with a dire warning to run to Egypt.  His obedience saved his wife and son's life!

I like this guy!!

He is faithful,

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