Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Chemo yuck

Here I sit. Toxic drug number one is already through and the other one is halfway. I have to pee so I need to decide if I want to do the "dance" with the iv cart to go or not. I might just hold it. I met another lady today that was diagnosed about the same time as me. She looks great and will be done today with her treatments. She looked so normal to me..which is what is so weird about chemo and want life to be as normal as it can be but you still want to be babied and have the kids clean more and cook more often because you're so tired out a times..I have learned I just have to say what I need and my kids rise to the occasion and so does my husband.
I am going to shave my head tonight. Tim needs his hair cut, so we will warm up the trimmers on him and then he can take off my remaining hair. It is falling out so badly and getting into everything...when I showered this am it was awful. SO I am taking a leap!
It is slower here than it was last time. That is good. I like my nurse but she doesn't tell me what is coming or what she is doing. I have to ask. I don't like that. The last one told me everything as she did it. I found out today from my blood work, that I am post menopausal. I said to my husband, "You lived!" He just smiled. He is so patient with me. He loves me like Jesus says for men to love their wives, sacrificially.
He is sitting here, sleeping, because I took his laptop. If you read this, please pray for him. He needs strength for work and strength to take care of me. God has blessed him with lots of work right now and we are thankful.
Teresa and Rachel are getting bunnies tonight. They are so excited. Teresa's will be dubbed King Nibbles, Nibbles for short and Rachel's will be Lovebug. Tim is hoping the two are the same sex..
I think a lesson in animal husbandry is vital to a child's developement. Perhaps the principal and teacher will have to have a meeting! It has happened before...
Must go. I am almost done. Praise God..............
I wrote a letter to Beth Moore today. It will be interesting to see if I get a response.


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Sarah said...

Have been praying for you both. Talked to Ruth Hartter (a survivor), she says to drink LOTS of water! The bunnies sound like fun :-). Please rest when you need to. Love and Prayers, Mom/Sarah