Saturday, September 1, 2007

Fresh tomatoes

Fresh tomatoes. They are cooking on my stove right now, with some garlic and basil and oregano for pizza sauce tonight. Straight from the garden. And it smells good which is a bonus today!
While I was in the infusion center (again) yesterday, there was this older man who came in and all they did was mention his garden and for the rest of the time I heard about how good fresh tomatoes were, how many zucchini he had, and all his other garden stories. It was actually a good diversion because I felt ABSOLUTELY hit me about 6 am Thursday and never got better. It's like stomach flu only chemically induced. So after suffering all morning I "got" to go in and receive IV fluids and more anti nausea meds. We were there for 3 hours and my precious husband was so hungry but he wouldn't let my side...he kept hitting the candy jar and then finally one of the nurses realized she had a hungry guy, so she fed him some soup! I made him eat it on the other side of the room though, because the smell sent me into that nauseated orbit of Gross...I got home, hit the couch and woke up later a new woman! I ate some small stuff; banana, applesauce and some toast while I listened to the happy sounds of Daddy cooking eggs for the girls for dinner. Nathan was at work, so it was just Daddy and the girls. He is so good with blesses my heart so..
Today, I have felt 500% better. Thank You Lord God...
I got up this am and puttered around the house. You know, the mommy putter where you go around and put everything away from the night before and then you go to the car and find out all the things your kids and husband left in it just from one day..and you round it up and clean it, put it, and throw it away. It doesn't make me mad, it makes me grateful because it means I am well, I am up and life is good. Now there are some days it DOES make me mad, but today wasn't that day!
Hannah was just playing through her wedding songs and I love it. All the money for all those lessons it paying off! It sounds so beautiful and I know it will go with her for the rest of her life.
One of them is from Psalm 91, which I just memorized and I can sing it with her if I stay in a very low range.. Today I made it through without tears. It is called On Eagles Wings.

All I could do yesterday was to cry out for help from my Heavenly Daddy. At one time all I could think was "God you say you are abundantly available for help--HELP!!!!!!!" And He met us there, in that room, even though it was ugly and barfy and smelly.. I think those chemo meds have a smell all their own and they stink!
Do you see? He promises us His presence. We get so tied up in getting out of our trials, our pains and our hurts we miss His sweet presence that brings peace, comfort and join the midst of those awful moments. He met us yesterday, at the infusion center, in that yucky room, with my barfing belly and He never left. He is a God Who keeps His promises. Praise His name!

He also put fresh tomatoes in my head from an old gardening sage!
As he left he said he didn't mind looking at a good pair of legs, and that didn't mean frog legs either!

Nope, they weren't mine!

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Sarah said...

Well, now I'll try again. Praise God!! 500% better! That is awesome! We will continue to pray. Know you are LOVED!!! Mom :-)