Saturday, August 25, 2007

In Memory Of

I saw one of those sheets, taped to a wall in a local store yesterday. A bunch of motorcyclists were riding "in memory of " some lady who recently died from breast cancer. She lived 3 years after the diagnosis...for some reason, the whole idea hit me hard.
I know some day I will be a memory. Scripture supports this idea of how brief life is, especially in the Psalms. We are "but a vapor." I cannot focus on being a memory right now though. I am only going to focus on making memories. This hones in on life and living, not death and dying. I suppose I will always have my breath sucked in by "rides for life" or newspaper articles telling of a fund raiser dinner for someone suffering from cancer. But for now, today, I am grateful to be here, with my husband, my children and my mom.

This picture is from the fair earlier this week. The girls entered items this year, a first, and did very well. Teresa is going to be getting a bunny, which has led to her running through the house, saying ,"Bunny, bunny, bunny, bunny...." She is pretty excited. That's her, in her piggie disguise, next to me, in my cow getup. Nathan took the pic and I wish you could have heard him laughing. It was awesome! The girls all got ribbons of various colors for their efforts and we were delighted!

My port is looking better and better. I am grateful. My scalp hurts a lot...I got a couple of doo rags tonight at the fair from some sweet old lady. When she found out I had cancer, she only charged me $5/each instead of $7.50. One has birds on it and one is purple paisley stuff. The girls have been trying them on tonight.

Jack dug a hole to China in my flower bed today.......he looks so very innocent.
I am pretty sure this puppy idea was mine to begin with, so I really cannot complain can I?
Keep praying please. We can tell when people are lifting us up.

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David said...

Hey Bonnie! Thanks for posting your updates. Makes it easy to pray about specifics. Our Father already knows them but I like to know too. We prayed for you this morning in church and Brenda mentioned your site so that others can pray.
Standing with you, David