Friday, August 24, 2007


My girls stayed home today while Tim and I went to the surgeon. My port site is getting better, praise God! Dr. said to stay on antibiotics over weekend and he will see me Monday to recheck it. It just doesn't seem like a great idea to take it out, let it heal and then in two weeks, make another incision and put one back in! That's too many slices into my body!
It was weird this am; we got to the surgeon's office and were greeted by our favorite nurse who says "Well, will Mr. and Mrs. Bonnie please come right in!!" She is so sweet and funny. She makes me smile no matter what. The weird part was that we were ushered directly into the "procedure room" so if I needed to have this dumb thing removed, he would do it right there. There were charts everywhere about proctolgy things, like hemmoroids, etc and well, we just didn't feel like we fit in! We learned a few things too involving rubber bands and oh--it's too gross to even type..

My hair is definitely on its way out. It is a sad feeling and my hair hurts, if you can believe that. Even the wind blowing on it, in the car today, made my scalp hurt. I don't know how I am going to react when I see hunks of my hair on my pillow but I know WHO I am going to for comfort and He has all I need.

Your prayers would be appreciated over the weekend. And next Wednesday we go again, for chemo. This time it should be alright. The port site must be completely clear of any signs of infection, so pray for that as well.

My girls had the whole house cleaned when we got home this am. They are amazing to me. The little girls even dusted our bedroom, which is their least favorite job. Hannah made pizza too for dinner and it was wonderfully good, a) because I didn't have to make it and b) she did it willingly

Nathan left with some guys for a retreat up in the UP this weekend..Hannah is gone on a girls camping trip at Petosega, not far from here. So it is just us and the little girls this weekend.

Mom's knee is still quite swollen and she got some anti inflammatories today that we hope will help. She has been through so much.

Must go to bed. God is faithful.

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