Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tired to the core..

Ugh. Drove to Edmore today, 3 hours south. Got my mom at her sisters. Yippee! Then drove to my uncle's place, visited for 3 hours, drove home. So 6+ hours of driving for 3 hours of visiting..
I am spent.

My mom is so glad to be home. We are glad to have her home too. It is so lonely without her there.
Her knee still hurts her, so keep her in your prayers. She has lost weight and nothing sounds good to her to eat. I will be taking her to PT on Monday.

My 2nd round, treatment or whatever is Wednesday.
If you DO read these, please pray I will be strong in the Lord, that I will know His presence and that the drugs will not affect my heart.

I must go to bed.

I feel like I am wasting my time, like I could be scribbling in my journal right now...somehow it is easier to type than write!

He is faithful


RawTriGirl said...

Bonnie - I just want you to know that my family is thinking of you. You are so blessed to have your family around you and wonderful children during this very difficult time. Stay strong!

Love, Melissa, Oswaldo, Joao & Dario

Sarah said...

Bonnie, I know traveling is tiring!Hope you know it was worth it. I'm delighted Melissa is sharing this journey with us. Please keep on keeping us posted. Love you all!! Mom/Sarah