Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Bridge walk, chicken soup..

We all walked the Mighty Mac yesterday, along with about 70,000 other people. If you do not like crowds, this is certainly no place for you. I had a rather bad, ungrateful attitude for most of it, because I couldn't walk like I normally do, and people were just all over the place!! I did repent at bedtime...the weather was gorgeous and Teresa walked the entire thing. The last mile I made the time go faster by playing the ABC game with first animals, (no reptiles), birds and then girl names. She loves that stuff and before we knew it, we were almost there! Rachel was a trooper and stuck to the grates for as long as there were grates. There were these swimmers that started from the north side and they swam across while we walked. If you looked through the grates, you could see one of them below, pulling a big, orange ball behind him/her. One of the people said, "Look, someone lost their beach ball! " I don't know if they were kidding or not, but it made me smile. Daddy got paid for some extra flying, so all the kids got new hoodies. We don't usually buy anything afterwards, so this was pretty special.
Our friends, Jay and Cindy, celebrated 30 years of marriage yesterday, and they have walked the bridge every year since then. I think that is amazing!

We had a blast, got some great exercise and relaxed with dear friends.

Tonight we ate the most awesome chicken soup! One of my girlfriends drove a little over an hour to bring us hot, homemade chicken soup and it tasted SO good! God knew I needed that! She also brought some scarves for my head and we tried them on. The girls got a big kick out of that and were giggling most of the time. I am struggling with this whole concept and I look over at Teresa and she has another one on her head and it looked great! Not fair! Thank you Lord God for friends and for laughter in the midst of trials. You are worthy of praise.....

I am comfortable in 'my own skin.' It is because I know Who made this skin and Who put me in it. It is kind of weird to go out in public, but I am just going to be myself.

Nathan began college today. I cried a little when he left. Homeschool will never be the same!
He is excited and just told me the hardest thing about today was having to go to the bathroom during one of his classes...if that is the hardest thing, I think he will be alright.

The first picture of Tim and I is my favorite. No pretense, nothing hidden, simply us.
We had a romantic date the other night. I let him shave my head which took almost an hour and then I set the trimmers on 3/8ths and did him. It was tender, funny and sad in one date. Who would have thought that 23 years ago we would be doing that? Only God Himself. I think He chose my spouse perfectly, for such a time as this.

He is faithful,

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Sarah said...

You are beautiful!! God is indeed faithful and matched you and Tim perfectly. The hardest thing I remember about Tim going to college was leaving him there. But, God knew he would find you there. PTL!! Love you all, Mom