Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Feeling Crazy

I got three wigs in the mail today. This one got the most laughs from my daughters and my husband, but now that I look at my pic, it isn't that bad is it? I blend in with my cupboards quite well I think. (I also managed to scare Nathan when I walked back into his room with it on!)

I feel good right now and am so grateful. I spoke to my dear girlfriend this afternoon and she was cooking steak--wow did that sound good! She put an idea in my head and I went into town with my Mom, got a couple packages of burger and had the best burgers for dinner! They tasted good, didn't disagree with my tummy later and gave me the energy I needed. Man, they were awesome!

I think my body turned a corner today. I had another 3 hour nap--out cold, on the couch. The little girls and I sat on the swing after I got up and had some of those Luigi's frozen treats. They tasted good too. The dogs begged as usual and Jack made us laugh again and again. He is such a weird little dog!

Do you ever feel so grateful like you're about to burst? I am right now.
I am grateful for a husband who loves me.
I am grateful for children who make me laugh and clean up messes after they make doggy biscuts.
I am grateful for a principal who teaches Chemistry quite well and gives me a break.
I am grateful I can still do equations by hand and figure out the scientific notations!
I am grateful for a mom who can eat dinner with us.
I am grateful for breezes that whisper His love to my soul..
I am grateful for a 12 year old that loves to memorize God's Word with me and laughs at me because I keep messing it up!
I am grateful for a son who is flying from the nest on regular flights yet still comes home.
I am grateful for a 7 3/4 year old who still runs through the house like a horse, galloping and whinneying.
I am grateful for a daughter who plays piano to soothe my heart and plays my favorite songs..
I am simply grateful to be alive.

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Sarah said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the Picture! Matt wanted to know what was funny. Maybe I'll borrow it, since it looks quite red/auburn. Really, it's not bad, you can wear them when you feel like putting a new image on. I got the first place certificate for archery at Barakel over the weekend. I kept trying to copy your form when I was shooting. Guess it worked. That and some of the others didn't turn in their scores! Praising God you are feeling better!!! Love to all, Mom/Ama ;^)