Sunday, November 11, 2007

He is Faithful

Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father,
there is no shadow of turning with Thee...
Thou changest not, Thy compassions they fail not
As Thou hast been, Thou forever will be...
Great is Thy faithfulness..
Morning by morning new mercies I see-
All I have needed Thy hand has provided,
Great is Thy faithfulness,
Lord unto me....

This old hymn is my favorite..I have done nothing to deserve God's incredible love, yet He loves me..He showers my heart daily with His love whether I am hurting, sad, in pain, joyful or singing from the treetops. He is faithful and Psalm 91 tells me that His faithfulness is a "shield and bulwark." I find that a rather odd metaphor...a shield is for battle isn't it? Yep. And a battle is what I am in the midst of and when I remember all the things He has done since May 10th, I am strengthened and I can fight. We are too quick to forget all He has done and we get bogged down in circumstances....we wonder where God is or why He did this to us or why He is so silent...when we remember all He has done we are protected from fear, from doubt and our strength comes exactly when we need it because He is the One providing it, not us.
So His faithfulness IS a shield and bulwark.
Amen and amen.....

Tim and I went for a walk this afternoon. It took all my strength....but it was great to be out and feel the wind on my face. My eyelashes are almost gone and my eyebrows are on their way out too...I don't know why I put that in there, other than the fact I am too self conscious about it!!
Good grief, I am bald, what's up with eyelashes and eyebrows?!
The little girls and Nathan raked the front yard Saturday. It looks so good!
I went hunting the other night and had a 4 point come in, but he was too interested in the does down the ridge to come near me. He looked right at me though!
I ate an apple this am while I was out and this little red squirrel came right up, snatched the core and off he went! 30 seconds hadn't even gone by!
I also had a long nap felt good because I haven't been sleeping well at night..I am going to start getting up and reading and journaling. Some of my sweetest moments of worship and prayer are when everyone else is sleeping.

Please pray this week for strength, physical strength. Chemo is Friday at 11:30.
Tim and I celebrate 23 years of marriage Saturday. We will probably go to our favorite hideout, The Crooked River Lodge for a night. I will be coming down off the steroids, so I should feel alright.
I asked him the other night if he knew I was going to get breast cancer before he married me, if he still would have..
a rather dumb, introspective question.
He just held my face in my hands and said "In a heartbeat."
That's all I needed to hear.

Remember His faithfulness this week--it truly is a shield.

Bonnie the Bald


Daddy Dylangrr said...

I love my brother Timoteo. What a REAL man!!!

Linda said...

At last I can get back in to post! Whew!! It didn't like my password..

Bonnie may be bald, but she is also:

Bonnie the bold
Bonnie the brave
Bonnie the beautiful
Bonnie is, well...a bonnie lass!

(did you say you had some Scottish heritage? ;) )

Bonnie, your bald pictures look very much like my Andrew...

A friend of mine makes scarves for bald folks--free--want one? If so, what color/s would you like? Let me know!

Tim, you ARE a real man, and I would expect nothing less!!

Every time I read your posts, I'm filled with joy/tears/amazement at the depth of your faith and courage--what an inspiration you are, Bonnie the bold!

There may be a little something in the mail for you tomorrow--

You are loved! Linda, Frank, and family

Sarah said...

We all ask dumb questions sometimes when we are feeling insecure. I'm so proud of Tim that he had the right answer!
What a fun, busy time we had 23 years ago! Grama and Grampa Karnes were here - Bonnie's uncles were mad because it was hunting season. Lots of good memories!
I think Linda must have inherited some of our Mama's creative writing genes. FYI: any shade of purple is a good color.
The pictures are fun. They had such a great time playing in the leaves. Sure am glad I was there to watch them.
Have a wonderful, happy, Blessed Anniversary. Love, Mom ;^)