Thursday, November 8, 2007

First snow

There are benefits of 2 am I discovered that it is snowing! It is wet and heavy and beautiful. At first, Jack did not want to go out because he stood there, staring at the flakes coming down into the was cute until I got impatient and helped him out with my foot..
The apostle Paul said in II Cor 11:27 "I have been in labor and hardship, through many sleepless nights, in hunger and in thirst, often without food, in cold and exposure.."
I was looking up verses speaking of pain tonight and this is the only one that hit a chord with me..
Sleepless due to pain; bone pain, muscle pain, muscle pain and oh my goodness, too numerous to count power surges(hot flashes) that dampen my jammies and make it hard to turn over on my flannel sheets!
I had a treatment, 2nd of 4, Friday. It went ok. Took until almost 6pm and I felt terrible for the nurses having to stay. I was their only patient too. I slept a lot the first hour and a half. I wrote a lot in my journal and Tim spent a lot of time on his laptop. The nurses are so compassionate and can see a need almost before you ask...I am really going to miss them when this is over.
The weekend was great. A dear heart came over and raked leaves with my girls..they accomplished much! Then she blows my mind and brings in a basin and a towel to give my feet a pampering! She washed them, massaged them, lotioned them and painted their nails! What a blessing! I felt so humbled by her servant's heart. Sunday went to church and was blessed mightily by the worship. I felt drained but had enough strength to go..A dear friend made us a tasty casserole we ate for lunch..another dear friend gave me some goodies and in them is this pastry bag, like you would put baked goods in. I had waited until after lunch to open it and here is this moist, homemade, triple layered piece of German chocolate cake! Her hubby had his 50th birthday and he wanted to share a piece of his birthday cake with me! That is like my absolute favorite cake in the whole wide world!! I shared a bite with my Mom and my one else appreciates the nuance of German chocolate cake....oh wow, it was amazing!!!!!

Monday brought school, lots of correspondence for me and a continuation of the Vet Clinic in our basement. Jack, Christi, Isabelle the cat and the bunnies are the current clientel. Procedures vary from brain surgery to check ups...Teresa and Rachel of course, are the Vet Drs. on staff.
I hope to post pics this weekend since I still am dependent on Tim's know how for that. I also hope to remedy that soon!

Tuesday brought sickness...lots of vomiting but in my new, inspirational barf bucket! Don't laugh, seeing pretty vines streaming along the bottom of your bucket actually give you a little lift and seeing God's Word across the top gives you hope and helps you remember Someone is in charge! Tim stayed home from a board meeting...he thought he might have to take me in but I stopped after about 4 hours. He is so good to me...don't know what it was but am thankful it is over...the taxol isn't supposed to make you nauseated but something sure was awful...

Today was weakness and more pain but not as severe. And tonight not being able to sleep. I think now I can though.
Only two more treatments to go....praise God!
I have a warm bed to get back into and a husband who loves me to cuddle up to..

And a God Who still gives me songs in the night...

He is faithful,


rAch said...
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rAch said...

I may not know you my friend but I would like to encourage you with Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

God Bless you always.

Kristine said...

God is using you mightily to encourage others!! You are an amazing inspiration to many people who are going through their own trials (great or small)!! Hang in there... You are surrounded with the strong arm of the LORD and your fantastic support system through helpful friends and loving family.

With lots of love and lots and lots of prayer,

Your sister in Jesus :)

Sarah said...

There is something special about the first snow - - and fun to see a puppy react to it. ;^) When this is over, I'm sure the nurses will be delighted to have you come back for a visit. Maybe God will use you to encourage others(?). I may have missed an opportunity at the grocery store yesterday. Saw a lady with a nice scarf that had pleats, and did a nice job of covering her head. I smiled but did not speak. Wanted to ask where she got her scarf, but wasn't sure if I should. Then after I decided to do it, I didn't see her again. So, what do you think? Should I have asked? How are you doing with the new glasses? We prayed at our small group last night. Friends tell me they pray every night. You are indeed an encouragement and inspiration to all of us. You may never know how God has and is using you and your blog to influence others. You are loved with an everlasting love. Blessings to all of you, Mom :-)