Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Blizzard blues

After I got up from my sobbing, I felt better this morning...I don't share this to invoke pity--I was having a horrid morning and the only thing I could do was get by myself in my bedroom and cry..I really don't even remember what I prayed but I did feel better once I came back out to my daughters.

There is so much snow! We had a drift right in front of the back door and the driveway was plugged shut. Tim got it all cleaned up with the tractor this afternoon. The windows have snow on the outside, framing the bottoms and sides. The back door window is covered with frost.
I went for a walk this afternoon out in the wildness of it all, back in the woods. Yes, it was cold, yes the wind chill was below zero, but if you dress right, you survive just fine! I had a blast and enjoyed the way the snow swirled in little funnel clouds and the way it slid across the top of the snow, like it was sand in a desert. The wind howled but I didn't care. I felt much better after I came back in. If you ever want to get my goat, just lock me up inside for a period of time! I have to get outside!! It is wonderful therapy!

We went into town tonight to visit our friend J. He has been in the hospital since New Year's and most likely, will not leave. I sang Holy Holy Holy to him because that is his favorite hymn. I sensed his breathing become less labored when I sang but Tim said he didn't notice. Thanks honey..

Some day I know he will be singing Holy Holy Holy himself, to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. That gives me hope for tonight because leaving him there, in that bed, alone, was really difficult.

He is faithful,


Linda said...

Hey, You!! As you probably already know, it's perfectly normal to have post-surgery blues!! So--I'm very glad the walk in the wind-chill cold refreshed you and that you got home feeling better.

You know you and your family continue to be surrounded in prayer!

Love, Linda

Linda said...

Hi Bonnie--it's Linda, back again on 2.5.08. There's an article in the Washington Post (online) today called, "Choosing Radical Cancer Surgery" that talks about some women choosing to have both breasts removed because of cancer in one.

Here's what one woman said, "I don't think I realized how profound it would be for both my natural breasts to be gone," Nimmons said. "I'm still mourning the loss. But the diagnosis just shook my whole sense of feeling safe. This just felt like a way of feeling a little safer."