Tuesday, January 29, 2008

the gifts

I walked for 3 miles today..I felt strong but tired.

My husband took Jack the dog and the little girls to get Jack fixed today, and then back
to pick him up. BIG help for me, because I still cannot drive. Big sacrifice for Tim because he had to push back his forging schedule.

I got a long, deep nap. Tim stayed in the house with me putzing on his computer instead of hammering steel.

My Mom took the girls to their piano lessons and Hannah took notes in my place.

My girls got me some wonderful body wash and a new bath scrunchie. They wrote me a very
tender note. They left the bag on the couch for me to find..

Dinner tasted real good tonight and I didn't have to prepare it!

I got in the shower for the first time post op. Wonderful.....

These may seem inconsequential to you, but to me, they are gifts from God's tender hand.
Now I am going to go crawl into my pre-warmed bed and read. I am grateful to be here, in this home, with my husband and my children and my Mom close by. I am healing up well too, just a little rash from the initial dressing they had on but nothing benadryl can't take care of.

Count your blessings, name them one by one,
count your blessings, see what God has done..

It's better than sheep!

He is faithful,


Kristine said...

That is quite an answer to prayer that there is no signs of infection and you are encouraged by the "simple" joys of life!! Our Toby dog is getting fixed next Tuesday...must be that our thoughts are on the same wave length in that area. :) hee hee Plus the kiddos are tired of Toby "hugging" them so much. Yikes!

Counting blessings with you,
Kristine :)

Sarah said...

You, my dear, are one of my blessings!!! How grateful I am that Tim found you (with God's help, I'm sure), that you are the Mother of his children, and my beloved daughter-in-love.

It's good you could walk today, will the weather permit it tomorrow? It's pretty blustery here tonight.

What could be better than reading in a nice warm bed? Sure sounds cozy;) Please rest and only do what you are able.

Love and Blessings to you all, Mom

Cia said...

I am so glad that you felt well enough to take a walk. I saw Nathan in the cafeteria and he told me you had walked 3 miles. We both smiled about it even though we were filled with amazement.
I'm so glad that you were gifted with so many special warm gestures from your family. Those mean the most! Miss you!