Tuesday, March 4, 2008


For those of you who would like to hear what I shared Sunday, you can go to our church's website and click on Messages, then Sunday's message God Will Make a Way. There are three total, I am in the middle. The first one is a couple who share about their divorces, then mine, then an incredible testimony of God's mighty power concerning a child who survived incredible odds.
Here's the address: http://www.NewHopeNorth.org

Tomorrow I am half way through radiation!! Yippee!

I am tired but I also gave myself 2 weeks off as a teacher and am focusing on reading, scrapbooking and other fun non-book work stuff for my girls. Hannah unfortunately, still is doing school, since she is such a self starter type student anyway. Thursday, however, is a national holiday since it is Hannah's 16th birthday. This means of course, no school for any of them! Hey, I had them in school on President's Day!


He is faithful,


Sarah said...

Oh, my goodness!!! The time it takes to load and listen to the testimonies is well worth it!!!
Tears were rolling down my face. So good to hear your voice as you shared. I'm sure I will listen again. I've made the church web site one of my favorites, so can revisit. Thank you for making this available to us.
God is good - He is faithful
I love you, Mom ;-)

Kristine said...

Ditto that! It IS good to hear your voice and the passion in it as you shared your heart! WAY TO GO!! Thank you for pointing everyone so clearly to Jesus!


Kristine :)

Phylicia said...

Your testimony was amazing that Sunday, Mrs.Zowada -- I am praying God will continue to strengthen you as you go through the other half of the radiation.

And Hannah! Happy Birthday! Sweet Sixteen!

barb said...

Just a note to say I appreciated your testimony. We're remembering you in our prayers regularly. The Lord blessed you with awesome courage and stength to share what you did and I'm sure it will be an encouragement to many people.
Struggling with you physically but also keeping the faith in our precious Lord with you as well.
Roger and Barb