Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Freedom from garbage

Looking up from the table, I saw my dear friend. She was on the floor, on her knees, with her face to the floor....she was praying for ME.
My other friend was leading me through The Steps to Freedom, by Neil Anderson. Remember my last blog was about me going up front to give the Lord God my bitter heart? This meeting was the result. I did not know quite what to expect, but I found, after almost 3 hours, total freedom from bitterness, fear and being unforgiving. It had been easier to hold onto those ugly attributes than it was to let the Holy Spirit of the Living God cleanse me.
No hocus pocus. No magic. Lots and lots of Scripture specifically addressing each sinful attitude.
Think of it like a spiritual cleansing of my heart and mind. I can say now, I am FREE! This doesn't mean I will never ever struggle with these issues again, because I am human. It does mean though that I am no longer held captive by these strangling thoughts...praise His name.

I will not let myself forget my friend on her face, for me. I was so humbled......

And there are so many of you out there, some of you I do not even know, nor have had the opportunity to meet, that have prayed for me.


Life at the Z house is pretty crazy these days.

3 miles is now my normal walking distance.
I rode my bike for 14 miles the other day!
I got to go visit my brother with my Mom last weekend.
I put flowers on my Dad's grave.
Nathan is done with college for the summer.
Hannah is one test away from finishing up algebra.
Rachel and Teresa finished Rachel's literature this am by reading some Sherlock Holmes mystery together.
Teresa has 3 pages of math left...
Tim is busy, crazy with razors..we are very thankful.
Friday we spend our night in the Crooked River Lodge!
I am going a day early to chill and be alone...
Jack has not eaten any more sandals.
H and T got new bathing suits yesterday.
Our new puppy was born on the 7th of May! A little girl golden retriever!
I want to name her Lucy after Lucy in the Narnia movies.
We saw Prince Caspian Monday with a bunch of other homeschoolers.
It was AWESOME!!
My hair is very curly.
I still have days where I feel yucky, tired and sore.
Today is one of those days....

Please pray for my brother Steve. He has 3 radiation txs left. His throat is RAW. He hurts terribly. He can get down liquid protein type drinks, but that is about it. I got to see him Saturday at a surprise bday party for his son. He looked good, but weary. His hair is just starting to come in--he looks a lot like my father did.

I need to go.

Thank you again for all your love and care for me.

He is faithful,


Kristine said...

You look radiant!! How I miss you! Yes, I agree...Prince Caspian was a wild ride! Garratt was jumping up and down while the credits were rolling. :)
Counting blessings with you and praying for more,
Kristine :)

Sarah said...

I'm glad Tim told me you had posted, because the last time I checked, you hadn't.
Yucky, tired and sore happens even with out going through what you have. Some times we can just blame the weather. But take a look at your busy Z house list. You are VERY busy! Even someone without a "new" normal would be tired.
Friends are still asking how you are. So many have prayed and care for you. Just be sure to rest when you need to. A little nap can be a wonderful thing!
Love and blessings to all, Mom ;)