Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rubber meets the road

Here I am. The scan went well yesterday. I thought I saw the tech, crying, in the room across the hall, as they were seeing my bones...but Tim says I am assuming too much. The truth and what I thought are probably very different. I praise God for my husband. He speaks such tender truth to my heart.

I rode my bike home yesterday from the scan. Tim drove me and we put it in the back of the suburban. It worked out well. I felt pretty good.

All the way home though, my mind was going faster than my bike! I had myself dead and buried several times over...it took a lot of praying and a lot of clinging to God's Word..this would be easier if I didn't have this physical pain you know???

I thought of this acronym for WAITING.


Please pray for my heart and mind to be guarded by God's perfect peace. I am willing but my mind wants to zoom! Thank you everyone--it means so much to know you are praying!

He is faithful,

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Linda said...

Perfect peace and God's perfect love surrounds you as you wait for the test results.

and our love, too--and prayers!!

Frank and Linda

(I'm thinking I can post again!)