Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fish On! is a place you want to visit if you know any woman who is recovering from cancer.
I left Monday August 4 and returned home Wednesday August 6.
I left not knowing a thing about fly fishing and came home, knowing a tad more.
I left home not knowing but a few women who have had cancer, I came home knowing 12 women who are recovering from and still battling the little "c" in their lives.

The gal above was my roomie. We had a blast together!! Before I left, I prayed with a friend and she prayed specifically that I would have someone who was encouraging and made me laugh...
WOW. Did God ever answer big time on that request!!!

The volunteers were WONDERFUL. They made you feel special and cherished. They bent over backwards to take care of us.

My guide is the guy with the sunglasses. I was his first participant--and he did a phenomenal job of teaching me how to fish with the ROD.. it is not a pole mind you--it is a ROD!!

We banged logs, we did the back cast and the roll cast, we saw different species of fish in the AuSable courtesy of the DNR and their stunning tactics...I learned how to tie certain knots and I learned that I am not alone is this journey of recovery...

Wednesday morning I went out with my roomie at was glorious. The sun was just coming up, the bugs were dancing across the surface of the water and we were standing there, soaking it all up...
My guide tied a nymph on for me(they did all that for us) and bam!! A brookie took it!

I yelled FISH ON real loud and smiled so big! It was so amazing! He wasn't very big, but it was a big moment...

My guide said he was proud of roomie hollered her support of me, so did the others..God gave me a golden moment, one I will treasure all of my days...FISH ON!!!

Fish on isn't just for when you catch a is a statement of survivorship..of living while recovering from cancer and all of the ravaging it does to your body. It is an attitude that all of those courageous women have had up until they came to the AuSable--but now they have a name for it and a group of women to give it a face. Fish On ladies!

Before I left, I needed a refresher...I needed desperately some relaxing of my body and my soul.

When I came home I had it all, spilling over, abundant and full..

Thank you to those who served me, to my patient, laughing guide and to the Lord God for bringing this into my life.

God knew I needed Reeling and Healing as a standing stone of His continued grace and mercy in my life..Oh how He loves me!! How He loves each of you!!

He is Faithful,

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Sarah said...

Sweet Bonnie, What a delight to be sitting across from you as you post tonight!! ;-)

Praise God you had such a good time!!

I love being here with you and the family - -He is faithful, indeed!!

Love and Blessings, Mom ;-)