Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go jump in the lake!!!

I was uploading pictures for mom, and now she's doing stuff... So I decided to caption the pictures, we'll see what else she adds :)

We jumped off the breakwall on the 8th, the one year anniversary since she started her chemo treatments.
I think we probably picked the coldest day in all of August, the water wasn't too bad, but it was windy out. It wasn't bad jumping in, but it was bad getting out!

I love my mommy, even if she picked the windiest/chilliest
day to do this!!!!
Ahh!!! Too late to turn back now!!!

When it was all said and done, I'm glad I did it with her!
Last year I had to beg to get her to do it, this year it was her idea :)

We also tested for RED belt --- And all passed!
Mom and I tested together, but we weren't allowed to look at each other.
That was hard, because I wanted to know how she was doing. Turns out I didn't need to be worried, she passed with flying colors :)
We're now officially a year away from our black belts!

She wants to talk to you all - so I'm headed for bed!

Tense change..the mom is writing now. This evening, Tim and I went out for our customary date. We ate ice cream. We drooled over the Cabela's fly fishing catalog, an activity I never really realized could be somewhat romantic!
While we were sitting on the bench, taking dumb pictures with my cell phone, watching the sun set and laughing, I got hit with one of those "I cannot believe this" moments.
Neither of us are perfect. We make mistakes, but we LOVE EACH OTHER.
It is because of all this adversity, the painful, searing trials we have walked through, that our love for one another has gotten a HUGE dose of MIRACLE-GRO.
I am so grateful.

In church today, we read Genesis 39. Remember Joseph? He got out of the pit his loathing brothers threw him in and was doing well in Egypt, working as Potiphar's number one guy. Enter Potiphar's hussy wife and BAM! Joseph did the right thing by running away from her talons, but she hollers foul and off he goes to prison--for 2 years!!
Not fair right?
The pastor said, life isn't fair but eternity is.
I liked that so very much.

Eternity is reserved for me.
Peter, who was martyred(definitely not fair) for his faith in Jesus Christ said this:

In this, you greatly rejoice, even though now, for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials,
that the proof of your faith, being more precious than gold which is perishable, even though tested by fire, may result in
at the revelation of
Jesus Christ.
I Peter 1:6, 7

He is faithful,


Linda said...

One year chemo anniversary come and gone---YEAH!!

A BIG congratulations on everyone passing red belt!! All right!

Great pictures--and captions!

love, Linda

Waitingfaithfully said...


Catching back up with my bloggy friends . . . haven't unpacked from vacation yet, first things first.

So happy to read about your fishing trip, what a wonderful, "God arranged" opportunity . . . complete with a roommate to make you laugh! Congrats on the red belts, and the chemo "anniversary jump", great pictures!

Thank you for sharing your heartache and healing story, as God used one of His littlest lambs to minister to you. Thank you Bonnie for continuing to praise Him for the good--nursing your babies, even as you weather the storm of loss. Thank you Father, for Tim, who knows and reassures his wife that she is beautiful.

Thank you Bonnie, for letting your light shine, always!

Blessings my friend~