Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I praise You Lord!

Blood. Tears. Fear. Prayer. Mom. Chemotherapy. Throwing up. Naps. Losing hair.
Baldness. Too many trips to the hospital. More naps. Digital mapping. Tattoos. (little dots ok?)
Radiation. Skin burned and skin sore. Recovery. Fewer trips to the hospital. Prayer and rejoicing.

All of these things are what my brother Steve and I have been "sharing" this past year. I went first and he finished last. We both survived. Both of us have been in the Relay for Life, an event that raises monies for cancer research, etc. When I went to our family reunion, he presented me with this purple shirt, I was thinking(typical sister) "Um I already have that..." but then I saw the back and in big letters it states, "SURVIVOR." I liked it right away and he already had his on, so we had a picture snapped.

I do not know how many Moms out there have had TWO children diagnosed with cancer, but I am so thankful for mine. She had endured in some ways, more than we have. Can you imagine just for a second, one of your children with cancer? Then the only other one? I wish I could send her like on a vacation or something! She deserves it.

My clothes line in on it's last legs. It has dwindled from 4 lines to 2. It has been a place where I pray, confess sin and hang up scads of laundry. Never in my dreams, did I think I would pin up a purple T shirt that proclaims SURVIVOR.

Oh Jesus--it is only because of YOU that I SURVIVE.
You give me breath, life and hope. I praise Your name.
You are worthy to be praised...

You are faithful,


Sarah said...

Sounds like its time for a new clothesline!! I didn't notice it had become only two lines.

Wonderful picture of you and Steve!!! Guess we know who taught you both to be strong and trust in our Father, God!! Good job Sandy, you taught your children well!

Love and Blessings to you all.

Mom ;-)

Binga said...

You and your brother have walked through the valley (and those who love you walked with you too), and your Great Shepherd never left you.
He has been your teacher more than me. It was my seeing Him in you that brought me to my senses and to Him.
Now He is restoring you both and we are seeking His comfort & His joy and His peace. This business of recovery has its own set of challenges - but ones covered with hope!!
Yes, a new clothesline is definitely needed. Let's go shopping!!

Sarah said...

Have fun shopping!! If all else fails, just string some more line.

Binga, you made me smile. I love it when "the moms" can share our children and grandchildren!

Praise God, from whom ALL blesings flow!!


Kristine said...

It IS amazing how we are led in ways we would have never thought or imagined not long ago. Hallelujah for purple "Survivor" t-shirts!!

Please pray for a deacon's wife at our church named Elizabeth. She is with her family now during the funeral of her 2nd brother to die of cancer within 2 years. She has another brother, Mick, that is struggling through the cancer battle too! She is obviously very discouraged, but has that peace that only God can bring! Through the pain, through the joy, may His glorious name be praised. Yes, your Mama definitely needs a medal going through the rollercoaster. Please hug her for us!

We love you and miss you,
Kristine and the Alaska gang:)

Waitingfaithfully said...

I am late posting on yours and Steve's "purple-shirtedness"!
I love the picture. The word SURVIVOR speaks volumes, doesn't it? One word represents a long battle . . . a strong faith . . . and a faithful God! SURVIVOR-- times two!

We praise you Lord for purple shirts, for survivors who have fought the toughest battle of their lives and won. We praise you for healing, and we praise you for who You are, the great I AM!

Blessings and thanks to you dear friend. . . especially for your encouragement along the way.

With love,

Tina (an Amazing, Delightful, Daughter of the Most High King--thanks!!! Kinda makes ADD kick some devil bootie, doesn't it? YES!)