Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Before picture 9-15-08
I got the full treatment,
I even got some semi permanent
color in! The gal who did this
for me is a breast cancer
survivor too.
She is a courageous woman
and loved fixing me up all
nice and beautiful!
After the new style--I'm not quite sure of the "poofy" factor going on..
But I loved getting the manicure! I never realized how nice it is to have beautiful nails!
Today after my shower, I REALLY liked how my hair looked. I am very blessed
to have been to the Trillium in Petoskey. What the owner Ruthie does for women like
me is a wonderful, generous, lavish gift of time and energy.
Thank You Lord for beauty out of ashes.

I love You Lord,
You are faithful,

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Beautiful Bonnie indeed! I had my hair done today too! Isn't it lovely to have someone focused completely on you? No, "Mom . . . mama ... mommmmmmmmmmmy . . . just adult conversation . . . sittin' still and getting beautified, make that more beautified . . . all at the same time! Ahhhhhhhhhhh . . . thank you Lord for ME time! And thank you Lord for blessing Bonnie!

Speaking of blessings, I enjoyed reading about all of your blessings in the previous post, and the pictures . . . all except for the toe GROSSNESS!
Praising the Lord for Hannah's new wheels! He is GOOD!

Love from Texas~