Monday, October 13, 2008

Still growin' hair

I know it's been too long. I have needed a break. I have been part of an intense Bible study called Setting Captives Free and it takes most of my "mommy time" after the girls go to bed. Which has been good, but bad for blogging.

Oncology visit September 30th. Blood work stellar. Cancer markers within normal ranges.
Talked with Dr. went off of Arimidex due to the side effects...Next week I begin tamoxifen. Estrogen inhibiting drug, hopefully less side effects. Works a little differently, hopefully will suppress estrogen, not me.

My bone density test revealed I had pre pre osteoporosis. There is some big medical name for it, but I don't know it. Tim talked to the Dr when I was out bow hunting. No, I have been outsmarted each time by Mr or Mrs. Snorty Pants. Keeps me going back for more humiliation.
Yes, I will be taking a calcium supplement with vitamin D in it for better absorption....we figured the arimidex was the cause of it. I am so thankful I am off of it now. Imagine the damage it would have done after 5 or more years on it!! By the way, tamoxifen actually strengthens bone.

My muga scan also revealed my heart has not been damaged by the chemotherapy. This is a huge answer to prayer--if you remember, that was one of my MAJOR concerns when we were trying to make up our minds about chemo way back last summer...the numbers from last year's scan to establish a baseline, actually increased this year, something my Dr said was "unusual."
I think it is a result of all your prayers!! Thank You Lord!!

Since I last wrote, Teresa turned 9.

Rachel and I went for a mother/daughter weekend..we were able to stay at our favorite place, the Crooked River Lodge for 2 nights!!! We went to Mackinaw Island for a very special time yesterday.
I just got home today.

This weekend I go to the Pere Marquette River by Baldwin MI for another Reeling and Healing retreat. This time we fish for salmon!!! I am SO excited! Someone has a home "on" the river and they are allowing us to stay there...this is a reunion retreat and some of the ladies I met the first time will be there.

If I take a cooler I get to bring home whatever I catch.

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

He is faithful, indeed! ;-)
Sounds like the med changes will be just what you need. PTL there are other options!
You will take a cooler, of course!!
Have a wonderful time and catch lots of fish.
Love and Blessings,

Waitingfaithfully said...

Yay, Bonnie's back! I was about to send a Blogger search party out for you! Just kidding my friend, it sounds like your time away was a very busy and productive time.

Thank you for the wonderful health update. Praising HIM with you! He is faithful!

Salmon, yum! Have a great time on your Reeling and Healing retreat, what fun. I'm sure it will be a joyful reunion with your new found friends.

Glad you're back. Loved your target comment by the way . . . sorry the Snorty Pants aren't cooperating.

Blessings to you~