Thursday, December 4, 2008


Wow Whee! Two years in a row, God has blessed me with a buck! This guy doesn't have a huge rack and he isn't Boone and Crocket material, but you don't eat the antlers!! Tim got a buck too, in the morning. That is a first--each of us able to get a deer during the same season.

Our freezer is happy now and our tummies are as well. Thank You Lord for Your provision!!

I used my Dad's 32 Winchester special, one shot at about 45 yards, while he was hot to trot after some does. Rachel helped me drag him home because Tim was gone...out getting my anniversary gift ready..that was hard work too!! I was so proud of her. She is stronger than I thought!!
As Tim held me that night, he told me my Dad and his grampa would have been proud of me..
He made my soul smile..I am blessed again and again with my husband..thank You Lord for him.

Thank You Lord, for the ability to hunt and for the venison now in our freezer. You are truly wonderful to me.

He is faithful,

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