Saturday, January 17, 2009


Boy, does my back feel better! I would say it is at about 75% right now, with me able to bend over and pick Nathan's socks off the floor. I went to Tang Soo Do Friday morning and went SLOW and it was alright.
Thank you for your prayers!

I did go to the Dr but he didn't offer any help really, other than to tell me to come back in a week if it wasn't better. No xrays or anything. I won't tell you what I truly thought of that....

This morning I was able to go with Tim to a lake south of here and try my hand at ice fishing!!
It was 8 degrees with pretty stiff wind from the west, but I had so much fun! I caught a few perch and brought a couple home. The guys that had everything all set up were great---it's weird using such a short pole (not a rod), kind of cold putting minnows on the hooks, but I loved the propane heater behind me!! Tim didn't fish, he just watched me and laughed when I kept saying,
"This is my last time.."
"After this minnow is gone..."
This lasted for about 45 minutes and then we headed home. Another adventure under my belt and high hopes for more before the ice melts..

I loved it!!!

Different subject entirely: I have decided to quit whining about my cold bedroom and this past week, made an attempt to transform it into my retreat from reality, spend some time with Jesus, place.. the cold helps me stay awake actually!! The little space heater does a great job and so do the electric blankets.
What changed my heart was seeing friends of ours, sending us their update from Papua New Guinea, and witnessing the kitchen of friends of theirs, staying out in the boonies of PNG. Her kitchen was small, she used a 5 gallon plastic pail and had walls made out of woven reeds and a dirt floor. It really touched my heart to gaze at that picture and imagine a dear sister in Christ, whom I have never met, feeding her family. I was humbled...
My" retreat" is basically a different lamp, a rocking chair and my journal and Bible. It has been working well. What I like about it besides the quiet, is that the kids have 3 doors to slide open to get to me, and so I have ample warning before they actually find me.

Oh, and my dear, sweet Mom, got me two boxes of tea this week, as a payment for me taking her to her Dr appointment Thursday. Thanks Mom...
Teresa makes the BEST tea for me...I couldn't figure out why it was SO good until one day, I saw her prepare it..she used not one, but two, big soup spoons of sugar, a glurp of milk and the hot water!!!
She uses a normal size teaspoon now, with organic, unprocessed sugar and still the glurp of milk..
It's just as good!

I think I'll have her do that right now...

Love and Blessings in frozen northern Michigan,

He is faithful,

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Sarah said...

So glad you are feeling better and had fun fishing!!
Love you LOTS!!!
Blessings, Mom