Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I cannot even begin to share how much trouble I have had trying to post pics tonight.
I have more, I just cannot get them to load, nor can I orient them properly.......
Turn your head, laugh and rejoice with our new accomplishments!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are now preparing for our first dan(pronounced don) black belt in July!!!!!!!!!
Hannah will be catching up, which will not take long because she is so good, when her knee is better..........

Oncology updates:
Me: I had my 3 month check up today. My labs were fine. Still awaiting my CA marker tests.
No biggie--will know Thursday probably. It is always good to see people there. They make me feel special and beautiful.
Steve: goes to Karmanos Institute in Detroit, Friday at 11:00pm. Mayo Clinic is now off the table--something to do with insurance. Same thing with dumb U of M and their "world renown" specialists..
Pray for wisdom, provision and peace.

Sickie Ickie update:
Teresa now has strep, but it is on the other end. Do I really need to explain any more? Please pray for her speedy healing. The antibiotic she has to take smells like a cross between Nathan's dirty socks and the chicken coop on a hot day, plus a subtle hint of strawberry...personally, I believe all drug reps should have to chug it while they wear their killer outfits and model their cutsie accessories. (yes, I saw one today on my way into oncology)(not taking the stinky pink medicine though)
Hannah is slowly recovering.
Nathan is full steam ahead.
Rachel and I are praying for God's mercy.
Tim is coughing occasionally, usually reserved for that moment when I am suspended between la la land and reality.......

Bed is calling me..

Forgive my inept picture orientation.

He is faithful,

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