Monday, May 18, 2009

Mommy's girl... Daddy's girl...

I (Hannah) have been at home less and less lately. Between a college class (which is thankfully now over), regular school(which is *gasp* almost over!!!), babysitting, PT, and any other teen activity you can think of, I'm gone a lot!!! The most recent large event I got to go to was the Formal Dinner, an event put on by a church up in St. Ignace. I got to go with my best friend, and had a wonderful time! The church does a really great job of providing us girls with a chance to get all dressed up, and go have a crazy (yet safe and chaperoned... to the relief of mom and dad) night out... It went until 2:30 a.m. =)
Mom and Dad came up before we left so that they could get pictures... Partly my request. I spent a lot of time thinking in the week leading up to the Dinner about how the last time I went to the Formal Dinner, we had just found out that Mom had cancer....... I definitely did not go to that Formal Dinner with as much exuberance and excitement as I did this year(I was pretty much bouncing off the walls). This year however, is a year FULL of anticipation of new things, and astonishment over all that God has done for us. Because of that, I wanted to make sure that I was able to get some good pictures with them so that I could have something of a visual reminder to myself of how Majestic and Mighty my/our God is... Because two years ago, I definitely didn't have the same view.
My Mom is amazing. As is my Dad. They love me to death, and the feeling is mutual =) As I write this Mom is practicing for her black belt testing..(Which is getting very close!).. How many Moms stay up until almost 11 practicing karate?
She is astounding in many ways and as we just celebrated Mom's day, and her birthday is this coming Sunday, I wanted to publicly say how much I love her!!! We've been through a lot in the last couple years, but it has brought the two of us closer together... Definitely a good thing! So Mom, I love you! I love the crazy things we do! The things we laugh at! How you have taught me and encouraged me for the past 11 years (17 too), preparing me for life. You are amazing! I love you! I will always be your Hannie Girl =)


Kristine said...

WOW, Hannah!!! What a blessing it is to read this post of yours! I can just hear the joy and thanksgiving in your words. Keep looking up, dear Hannah! The joy of Jesus shows all over your beautiful face! :)

Man-o-man, I miss you!!

Bonnie said...

My dearest daughter~ The day you were born I wanted to hold you so badly..I could not because my arm was held in place for a dumb iv. You looked quite content in your Daddy's arms though!
I was bustin' with pride~~ I had a little girl! I was so proud of you and I still am.
Thank you for rising to the painful challenge of being a psuedo mom these past years. You have done well. I am pleased with your servant's heart and I know Jesus is. I am pleased when I see Scripture in your room, in your handwriting, declaring and reminding you of His faithfulness.
Remember always, I love you with all my heart. Then remember always, Jesus loves you even more!
Keep seeking His face,

P.S. How late WERE you up last night???

Sarah said...

We are in Virginia, on our way to the CFO Annual meeting.
Hannah's post made me cry!! But good tears - Love you all!!!
Mom ;-)