Monday, June 8, 2009


My beautiful, kindred spirit friend surprised me by coming!
Grandma Sarah and Hannah just before the knitting Grandma headed home.
The whole family with Jay and Cindy sprinkled in.

The Zowada family; two graduated and two to go!!

The amazing cake creator, me, the graduate and the slurpee queen!
My aunt, Hannah and the other grandma that lives in our backyard(in a house)
Hannah receiving her diploma..WOW!!!!
I'm holding her gift; a scrapbook from birth to present day...I fast she grew!!

The ceremony:

Before I opened my mouth, I purposely looked out over the people in the little school house. The room was very full!! I saw many sweet faces. Some of them newer friends for us, some of them, friends ever since we moved here in 1997, some friends way before we headed north!! I saw my son, standing in the back corner, operating our ancient video camera, smiling at me. Two years ago, he was at his own open house, without me, without any kind of ceremony but still with many of these same precious people. I did come, but could only stay an hour..I knew he understood, but it felt like regret and it bothered me.
Saturday though, God took that away. I was overwhelmed with God's goodness towards our whole family. All those faces helped me see how good He is.

Tim said a few things. He praised my efforts and made me squirm a bit. Hannah stood between us. She didn't want to say anything and I didn't force the issue.
I spoke and shared some cute things she had written in a coupon book she presented to me around age 8 or 9. I then read what I inscribed in the front of her scrapbook.(that was hard!!) I told her how proud of her I was and then I hugged her and cried..We then presented her with her diploma and everyone clapped!! We did it Lord! YIPPEE!!!
Nathan had put together a fantastic slide show of her over the past 17 years...he is so talented at that kind of thing. We watched, laughed and cried. Thanks son!! You did a great job!!

A few minutes after I sat down, this horrid thought came to me...We forgot to pray! Neither one of us did! I felt awful....I was so overcome with emotion I simply forgot. Tim tells me it's ok. I'm still letting it go.....I am too concerned over what others may think Hannah tells me.
I think she's right.

When we got home, we prayed before she opened all her loot. God I am so sorry!!
Our pastor had a ceremony to recognize the graduates yesterday in church and he prayed over them. Ok, I feel a little better...

I just feel like I missed an incredible opportunity...
Other than that, we had a fabulous time and were incredibly blessed by all the folks that came. Some came from 3, 4, hours away. What a sacrifice! The food was just right, there weren't gobs of leftovers . The helpers were FANTASTIC and a great time was had by all.

I am sitting here, staring at Hannah's diploma. A piece of paper that has my signature on it, and Tim's. It represents many, many hours of instruction but it also reminds me how good God is. She not only has a 3.8 gpa, she loves Jesus Christ with all her heart. I am so pleased I could pop! It feels great!

Lord, I give to You the next two students from Pine Hill Home School. You know I want to be here to teach them as well. I give You my desires, my dreams, my hopes. You are so good and I praise Your name! Thank You Lord for giving me strength to teach Hannah. It has not been an easy task, but it has been a rich, fulfilling one. (for both of us) Thank You for giving me a daughter to raise to love You and know You. I give her to You each day as she spreads her wings and flies...

That was meant figuratively but with Hannah, it can also be literal.

Tonight, she got recognized by the local chapter of the EAA(Experimental Aircraft Association) at Harbor Springs Airport. She wrote an essay entitled Why I Want to be Pilot. For winning, she gets a $1,ooo scholarship. Part of it will be spent at a school/camp put on by the Kalamazoo Air Zoo this summer. She will get to spend a week there, learning various aspects of aviation. She gets spending money for that week too.!! Then they took the remaining $750 and put it in an account at the airport for fuel. She is elated!! This should take her to her dream of her first solo flight and then some!

Thank You Lord for your goodness to us, to Your incredible, unfailing faithfulness. I could not have done this homeschooling adventure without You!

I love You,


Kristine said...

Congratulations, Mom! Congratulations to you too, Hannah!! I was thinking about ya and praying for ya that day as I helped cook food for a wedding. Time is just flying by. Speaking of flying....Hannah: maybe someday I'll be able to drive over to Kenai and help you arrange for your plane to to park at the hangar there so we can have a visit!! Wouldn't that be a blast -- flying to Alaska!!! :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

A job well done to mother and daughter! A superb 12 (13?) year accomplishment!

It looks like the party was a wonderfully blessed celebration. Bonnie, look at all of the things you just shared about ALL that was racing (and I do mean racing) through your mind as you shared at Hannah's ceremony. It is not surprising that you forgot to pray-- Just what were the thoughts racing through your head? Gratefulness, thanksgiving, healing . . . both physically and emotionally. God knows your thoughts, does He not? And He knows your heart--He even knows your pain of realizing that you forgot to pray. And He can also make up for any missed opportunity. Go easy on yourself, dear friend. Rest in His grace.

Congratulations on two down and two to go! And a huge Congrats to Hannah on her graduation, and on her scholarship-- It's time to fly! For real! Great job Hannah!!

Love you!