Friday, August 14, 2009

Black Belt Beach Day

The Atlantic...this was taken after several hours of basking, playing, sleeping, walking and body surfing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember I am here, in New Hampshire, with my cousin and his family.
While we were getting ready for the beach this am, Rachel called me and told me the GREAT NEWS!
Black belts were given out this morning and
I found out I "passed" and Teresa and Rachel did as well.
Rachel had the highest score in the class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rachie sent me a text/pic message on my phone and there it is~~~~~~~~~the cumulation of 3 years of hard, physical and mental, work~~~my very first black belt!!!!!!!

I was sad I couldn't be there, but I got to go to the ocean, play and relax, and see fireworks after a local ball game tonight. Tim video taped everything for me and took lots of pictures.
We will celebrate big time when I get home.

We head home Monday. I have been treated like a queen and gotten lots of rest. Yesterday, we were able to see a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. WOW! Incredible experience. The Tigers won 2-0. I was happy, but the 37,000 fans there with me, were not.

I need to get my sunburned body to bed, but wanted to say
Thank You Lord God for Your many blessings,
You are the Giver of every gift,
You are faithful,

Bonnie Black Belt Sue


Waitingfaithfully said...

Dear Bonnie Black Belt Sue, (Wooohoooo!)

So happy that you have had a good time, thank you for the beach picture! I could almost smell the water, ahhhhh! You and Hannah look great!

CONGRATS to all of you on your black belts! Years of hard work rewarded! I'm so proud of all of you!

Thankful that you have had time to rest--I have prayed for you through the week.

Love to you~


Linda said...

I'm trying to post here again, just in case it might work--

A HUGE congratulations to the three of you on your black belts! That's an enormous accomplishment!

Melissa just completed her first HALF IRONMAN (!!!) yesterday. She was afraid she wouldn't finish in time, but she did. (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride, 13.1 mile run). If you want to read the details, go to

I read your blog every day and am SO glad you're getting some beach time!

love, Linda

Kristine said...

Congrats Y'all!!!! :) So happy for you that you were able to enjoy the beach with your (she's really grown up!) daughter. :)

Love and prayers,

Linda said...

Bonnie, this was written in honor of a 39 year old Alaska native man who had a fatal heart attack. He leaves behind his pregnant wife, toddler daughter, and many others who loved and respected him. It was on (I found it through another site).

I thought maybe it also fit for your brother...

What moves through us
is a silence,
a quiet sadness,
a longing for one more day,
one more word,
one more touch.

We many not understand
why you left this earth so soon,
or why you left before
we were ready to say goodbye.

But little by little,
we begin to remember
not just that you died,
but that you lived.

And that your life
gave us memories
too beautiful to forget.

Blessings and love to all, Linda