Sunday, August 23, 2009

We did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

August 22, 2009, receiving my black belt from my daughters...(I missed the ceremony with them, so I had them give me my belt at home!)
January 25, 2008. One month after chemotherapy, receiving my green with stripe belt. I put this in to show you my hair! or lack of hair! I came back to edit this..I remembered the date of my second mastectomy..January 25th. I left for the hospital right after this picture was taken...

Thank You Lord for this moment with my daughters! You are worthy of all the praise and glory and honor!
Would you really want to mess with this 9 1/2 year old??
Looks can be deceiving for this 14 year old had the highest points in class!

I remember laying in my hospital bed, especially in January of 08, after my second mastectomy, running through the current forms/katas. It gave my mind a place to go and a dream to keep hard after while I healed emotionally and physically. Honestly, a black belt seemed so far impossible. I remember scheduling my radiation appointments in the earliest slot of 8:00am, so I could blast over to karate right afterwards.
I am competitive by nature. I need a goal to shoot for. At the start of every class, we would get down on our knees for Mook Young(I know I spelled it wrong) and since I couldn't get on my knees (left) very well, I kind of went prostrate. The nasty smell of all the feet and shoes on the carpet repulsed my nose. Some mornings I tried to hold back tears because I felt so crappy, other mornings, I thanked God with a grateful heart for simply being there..

Thank You Lord for helping me achieve a dream that seemed so impossible!! Thank You for being my strength-literally-and thank You for being my very present help. I wish my brother could see my belt.......Lord please tell him how much I miss him and love him.....

As I worshipped You this morning, once more I was hit with the truth that Steve is there, in Heaven, with You. It is as if worship is exposing a wound and cleansing it, but it I cry..

Will I ever stop?

You are faithful Lord,



Linda said...

Bonnie, I am so very proud of you and your daughters!

love, Linda

Sarah said...

Good for you!!! Congratulations to Bonnie, Rachel and Teresa!!!
Another thing for me to brag about.
The pictures are wonderful ;-)

Bonnie, of course you cry. It would be unusual if you didn't. You know the tears will cleanse and eventually, heal. Be comforted in Jesus' name.
II Corinthians I: 3&4.

Welcome back, Linda! ;-)

Love and Blessings, Mom/Sarah