Monday, August 10, 2009

Leavin' on an jetplane

Yep you read right. Hannah and I leave out of Detroit Metro tomorrow morning at 7:05a.m. Destination?
New Hampshire to visit with my cousin and his family. We come home the 17th...

We leave today to drive down, stay at a hotel and get a few hours of sleep and then off we go!
I do not like flying but I like dramamine. Hannah will have her little teenage nose plastered to the window....

I am looking forward to seeing and taking in new sights and sounds. I think the ocean is one of the destinations while we are there and that will be like a healing balm to my heart.

Pray for Teresa and Rachel while they hang with Daddy here at home. They are loving their horses, although Teresa got bucked off hers yesterday. I know they will provide a great distraction.

I also covet your prayers about this aromasin medicine. So far, it has made me feel awful. Tired, depressed, angry, sad, sick to my stomach, achy like the flu ,with hot flashes by the dozens are what I experienced in 6 short days.

Blah, blah, blah..that must be what you read after so many words..

Forgive me for my complaining..

I am grateful to God for this break and the memories I can fashion with my oldest daughter. She will probably only be around home for one more year and then whoosh, out of the nest she flies!!
Thank You God..
You are worthy to be praised..
Even on an jetplane at 30,000 feet!

You are faithful,

P.S. Thank you honey for driving us down and picking us up.. What an act of love and sacrifice..


Waitingfaithfully said...

How fun Bonnie! Have a wonderful time . . . and soak in some of that ocean for me, okay? Ahhhhhhh.

Love you! Praying!


Sarah said...

Have a wonderful time! When we were in Boston we went on a "Duck tour". Very interesting and fun!
Be well, my sweet girl and have fun with yours!
will be camping 14th till 22nd if we can get it together to get there!
Love you, always! Mom ;-)