Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dream come to reality

Heidi and Teresa~~ Heidi loving all the grass to chomp on!!!
Oliver Twister and Rachel, in our very own backyard, fenced in, new horse pasture!!! Thank you honey for all your incredible fence building!!

Tonight as I watched them interact with their new horses, I thanked God over and over again for His incredible provision for us. Who would have ever thought we would have horses?
We all have so much to learn, and I have decided it is TIME to get some cowgirl boots for myself!!!
Tim did a super job learning about how to put up fence. He did so much work to make it happen. Thank you sweetheart!! God provided fence posts at a very, low price(thanks G family!!) and other friends chipped in with advice and man power. Friday I heard the familiar sound of a the suburban coming up the driveway, but this time, it had a horse trailer in tow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oliver and Heidi are loving the abundant grass. Their pasture is on a smallish slope, so they like to walk up to the top of the hill and blast down it. They act most happy when hay comes their way. The girls both had to try bareback today and I watched my youngest put out both arms, like you do when you're on a bike, and smile so big!

Other news:

I have taken my first dose of Aromasin. We prayed tonight before I did so, and I feel a little better about the whole thing. I have to let go---trusting is easier that way. Holding on, even one teensy bit isn't trusting really.

I keep hearing my brother tell me to trust in the Lord with all my heart...

Friday, we had our LAST testing for black belt. We had to each perform a 2 minute skit, employing our "techniques" in a real, life situation. I had an invisible dog on a leash, walking down the dirt road, which I do often, and I encountered an overzealous bear hunter, who wanted me to get in his truck..Hannah played the bear hunter quite well, I wanted Tim but he was faithfully putting up the last of the fence.

Then we had to break 5, 1" boards, in succession. 3 punches, 2 kicks. I got 3 out of 5. My last 2 I put all I had into them and still, they wouldn't crack! I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be the one breaking!!

If I can get it to load, I will put up the video. Hannah tried tonight, but it wouldn't work. I think she just wanted more time on facebook.

Remember when you would simply pick up the phone, wait for it to go all the way around the dial, and talk to someone by moving your mouth and making sounds???

Back to Tang Soo Do.
Friday we are going to be given our belts. I am very, very excited!!!

I remember stretching, being able to touch my forehead to my knee, and feeling the smoothness of my bald head on my pants..
I remember my instructor saying he liked having a bald person in his class because it seemed more "authentic."
I remember feeling like I was going to lose my breakfast as we drove over to class.
I remember flying out of radiation at the hospital and just making it to class. I had chosen the earliest time slot for radiation, so I could continue lessons.
I remember having class, two days after my brother's funeral, and testing for the black belt form Bassai. I felt like I had a tiger on my chest that I had to get off--God helped me to do it the best I ever have. It felt great!
Always before class, we would stand in a circle and pray..God please, help us to do well for Your glory, not our own.
Finally, I remember having a discussion about push ups with my brother. I wanted him to tell me that I should be able to get away with the girly ones, you know, on your knees..I did not want to do the guy ones, they were TOO hard! I could do maybe, two on a good day.
He told me "you can do it." I laughed in his ear. He told me again, "you can do it Bon, I know you can."
The day we did push ups for our testing, I could hear him telling me, "you can do it Bon."
Guess how many I did?


He is faithful,
Bonnie, almost black belt, Sue

P.S. Now before you think I am like some super hero person, I am not. I worked really hard at this, for a long time. And by Air Force definitions, they were not "real" push ups, but my instructors were not from the Air Force and they told me they "counted."

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