Friday, September 4, 2009


Teresa after our hospital visit yesterday....
The helmet she had on when she was thrown from her horse. Her head could've been smashed in like that!!

Ok. I am officially skeptical of horses now. Dogs you can swat when they're naughty or you can utilize a shock collar. ZAP!! YI, YI, YI!!! Cats you can knock off the screen or your lap. 700lbs of horse flesh??
I simply do not know.. a 2x4??

Yesterday I heard a scream. The second I heard it, I knew the result would not be good...I look over and see my daughter, in a crumpled heap on the ground, in a corner of the horse pasture. When I reached her, she was babbling incoherently, and when she tried to stand, her legs gave way several times. I kept asking her what happened and each time got a different story. I assumed her head got smacked hard, but since I didn't witness the crash, I wouldn't know till I could see the helmet later on.

Tim was gone. Hannah wasn't here. I left Rachel with my Mom and off to ED (no longer called ER) (old school) we went. I called Nathan and told him we were coming his way.
I called Tim and praise God, got ahold of him right before he was ready to fly off on a flying lesson with a friend of his. Thank goodness for cell phones!!

Nathan was able to transport her to her CT scan for her head. That was ok.(clear, alright, etc) Tim showed up before the Dr got there. We know the nurse who saw her initially because Hannah babysits for her kids up the road. Her kindness helped so much...

The xray of her shoulder showed a fracture of her growth plate~~ I'm not sure if it is her humerous or her scalpula (sp?) because the Dr didn't tell me.

Have you ever been with a Dr and just felt as if he had better things to do? Not the nurses, just the Dr. Why are some of these guys so lacking in compassion and kindness??

She has a sling to immobilize it and sees an orthopaedic dr on Tuesday. Right now, we are wondering about the bridge walk Monday, but she's pretty tough. She may just do it with her sling on. Her head still hurts but her shoulder hurts the most.

My mommy's heart ran the gamut of emotion yesterday. Tim wasn't here, so I had to make the decision to go to ED (not ER) (they will correct you!) To see my precious sweetheart lying in such a vulnerable pose....because I was on my own, out comes momma bear!

With the day behind me now and Teresa recovering on the couch, I am grateful for God's protection. Protection you say?? She got hurt! Some protection Bonnie!

Look at the helmet again. She could have been hurt much, much worse. I call that protection. You may still call it prevention, but I don't. She could've hit the fence with the side of her neck, with her clavicle, with her ribs...she didn't. Two more inches down and I think I would still be in the hospital..

Thank You Lord. Thank You for all the moments you gave us yesterday in an otherwise scary time. Thank You for my son and his tenderness as a big brother. Thank You for a husband who was able to come. Thank you for keeping her from hitting that fence in another way, with a different part of her body...Thank You for siblings that stay home and are so loving and concerned..
Thank You for Your angels, who "guard us in all our ways."


*Aromasin and I are getting aquainted. I feel tired, achy and overall, not that badly. I am grateful.

*I am beginning my timber cruising job again, everso slowly. I am limiting my hours to less than 15 a week for now. Again, I am grateful for an outlet that I truly enjoy and for the extra bucks it will provide.

*Grieving for the loss of my brother hits me in waves. Some days are better than others..I miss him so much..

*I am only schooling two children this year! That is way weird and yet I am looking forward to it!

*Teresa hits double digits this year with her birthday--10!! No more single digit children in the Zowada home...

*I am trying to count my blessings each day. Numerous times about many really helps me keep my focus on Christ. Some days are better than others..thinking that way offsets the despair and depression knocking at my door..

*I am memorizing Psalm 34 which begins, "I will praise the Lord at all times, His praise will continually be in my mouth.."

Must go lay down..please pray Teresa's shoulder will heal quickly and stop hurting so badly..

He is faithful,


Sarah said...

I am SO glad I saw Hannah's post on Facebook and talked to you before I saw this post and your e-mail!!! I agree, protection doesn't always mean prevention! He walks with us through things - so we know we can trust Him.
Have fun on the bridge walk - Hi to J and C. They are such good and loyal friends!! ;-)
Went to the State Fair again today, Saw things I had missed when I went on Monday. I'm sure I could go again and see more new things! Sure hope someone comes up with a way to save it! We enjoyed the BIG horses today.
Love to all of you,
God's blessings, always!

Kristine said...

Prayers going up for sweet Teresa and her bumps and bruises and for your Mama thoughts too! Thank you for bearing your heart to us readers in blogland. :)

Gayla said...

God is good (and so is a helmet)!
You hit the nail on the head exactly about the size - and their temperament can be unpredictable when you are a new rider. Is there someone in your area who can work some with the girls & the horses? Will keep the little one (and you) in my prayers.