Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Long Awaited Pictures!!!!


Waitingfaithfully said...

BEAUTIFUL!! You look so royal, all of you in your purple . . . a royal family of the Most High King!! Love the pictures, love the celebration!!

Thank you so much for sharing!

I was going to say, "So glad you're back", but you were really never gone. You see, my blogroll (in my side bar of my blog, which tells me when people post) let me down . . . and I thought you had quit blogging. (Your posts are not showing up for whatever reason) A few days ago, an old post showed up in my blogroll, way after you had posted it. Waaaaay after. So, I was coming back to comment, and now I see you have posted two more times--neither has shown up! So check your comments, I'm back . . . and I didn't even know I was the one missing! :)

Moral of the story. "Do not rely on the Internet, to tell you when Bonnie has blogged, for you may miss something, or a lot of something!"

Love you friend!


Gayla said...

Congratulations to you and Tim on your 25th! The pictures are wonderful = what a beautiful family. Thank you for posting and sharing so we can keep up-to-date.
Love, Bruce & Gayla

Kristine said...

Wowee Zowee!!! What beautiful pictures and the 25 comments are priceless! Your family just glows with love. What a great testimony. God's faithfulness truly is great. Congratulations! :)

Love and miss you bunches....

Arthur Sido said...

A wonderful picture Bonnie. God bless your family!