Thursday, January 28, 2010


This is the view from the top of the power line hill. If you notice Jack, you will see he is headed down, very, very fast. They love to run as fast as possible most of the way down. Once in a while they look back at me like "Are you comin' slowpoke master or what??"

I managed to get to the top but it was after a very bad, not so good day.

What makes a "good day"?
Let me tell you what does not make a good day..
Losing your cool with your girls before you begin homeschooling them...
Slamming the bathroom door in utter frustration.
Praying for God's forgiveness and then biting your husband's head off when he comes home..
Praying for forgiveness again.
Discovering you do not really know how to do algebra story problems like you thought you did.
Worrying about the horses outside in the below zero weather. Out loud. To your daughters.
Getting one of those really thin, very bad notices in the mail, informing you that your account was overdrawn.
After going through all the banky paper work, discovering that you had a deposit written in your ledger and your sweetheart had it in his, but it most likely never actually got put in the bank...AHHH!
Crying about it because you balance the checkbook and you were certain you had sufficient funds.

So what makes a good day?
Emergency funds.
God's forgiveness as many times as it takes....
A husband's hugs and assurances of love for you. I love you sweetheart...
A husband deciding to bring home pizza because it would be a nice thing to do for you.
Remembering all my blessings as I am
Walking to the top of the power line hill in new snow, making fresh, new tracks.

With God's love towards me, I can always make a new, fresh "track."

His Word tells me if I confess my sins, He is FAITHFUL and JUST to forgive me my sins
and CLEANSE me from all UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. I John 1:9

You can put that in the bank and it will never, ever come back!

Thank You Lord,
You are faithful,

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